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    After getting divorced I pursued my interest in obtaining a CDL. A trucking company sponsored my training for a one year commitment to work for them as a team driver. I was teamed up with an older, fat, black man. I wasn't a happy camper at first. His name was Chuck. He turned out to be a really nice guy. Several weeks on the road together and we got along great. Like asking me where I want to grab a bite to, Chuck told me that if I ever want a blowjob, he'll suck my dick. I was stunned speechless. After a couple days of thinking it over I brought it up. We had a very direct and stimulating discussion. Chuck assured me that only the two of us would know unless I told somebody. I went for it. It became a regular thing between us. Never had a woman suck my balls and lick my ass the way Chuck did. What blew me away the most, no pun intended, was that he always swallowed. I had no need to have sex with a woman as much and how good Chuck took care of me. That hit me like a ton of bricks one day. Come play time I told Chuck that I wanted to try sucking his dick. He told me that he doesn't stay as hard as he used to. I said that's fine by me as long as he enjoys it. Chuck pulled out his dick. No holding back, I got busy. I wanted to make him feel as good as he made me feel. I was amazed how much I got turned on doing it. Even not fully erect it was large. By the sounds he made he was enjoying it. And so was I. I wanted to get him off and let him cum in my mouth. He did. I couldn't believe how much he came. I swallowed all of it. Now there are days I'd just as soon as suck his dick than he suck mine.

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    Iâm a truck driver and I would write notes on the bathroom wall with a specific cb channel for them to be on. I would always find someone that wanted to get their dick sucked or wanted to suck. I would either go to their truck or I would leave my door unlocked and wait for them in my sleeper. I really miss those times

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