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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    Years ago there was a porn theater a couple of miles from my house. They had two different rooms, one showed straight films and the other was gay. Past the movie areas, there were a couple of aisles of smaller booths with locking doors and basically a TV sized screen where they looped videos. The booths were supposed to be for one person but actually had room enough for three or four. Or plenty of room for two people to get nasty.
    I was married and reasonably happy with the sex I had with my wife but I was a young man and had sex on my mind a lot! Once in awhile if my wife was doing something with her friends or out for whatever reason, I might take a ride to the theater and watch some porn and jerk off once or twice.
    Sometimes I'd sit in a rear corner of the room and just idly stroke off. Sometimes another guy would be nearby and I could tell he was doing it too. Occasionally a guy would sit in the same row, maybe a couple of seats away, and take out his cock and start to stroke. Sometimes they'd sit close and reach over for a feel. I had guys jerk me off a few times and had a couple who'd stroke it and when they sensed I was close, they took my loads in their mouths. I was happy to have a chance to get anonymously and without any cheating on my wife. I guess today you might say that any sex without your spouse is cheating, but in my simple young horny mind, as long as I wasn't fooling around with women, going out drinking or partying with them and sleeping with them, then the movie theater sex was basically just jerking off.
    The time came when I went into the private booths so I could just jerk off in peace sometimes. One time I went into the booth and a guy I'd seen around the theater before asked if he could come in and watch a flick. I wasn't born yesterday and didn't wanna get into anything gay, but like I said, I semi-knew the guy and being young and in good shape, I figured I could handle myself if I need to throw him out.
    So we start a film and both of us are rubbing our cocks through our pants at first, then we open our flies and pull our cocks out and start really stroking. The guy has a pretty big cock, maybe nine inches vs my average six or so.
    We're watching some slut take on three guys at once and talking about how hot she sucks cock and takes it in all her holes. Next thing I knew he started to rub my balls and said he liked my hairy sac. I don't really remember but I might've said that he sure had a big cock. He asked if I'd like to rub it and I surprised myself by reaching out and wrapping my hand around it. He looked like he was getting ready to move in close for a kiss and I put my hand on his chest and said I'm not gay and I don't kiss men. He backed off immediately and good naturedly and said that was cool and we went back to kind of fondling each other's cocks and balls.
    After not too long he asked if I ever did anything more with a guy, like if I ever got a blowjob. I told him sure, I came in some guys mouths and was cool with it. I figured he'd be sucking me off any minute and was surprised when he said,"Yeah, but did you ever suck a guy's cock?"
    I said no and while I was rubbing his cock he kind of gave me a look and next thing I knew I was licking the head of his big dick. This was many years ago and while there was certainly STDs at the time, there was no HIV or anything deadly and easy to get, so no one really thought much about safety when it came to blowjobs. These days I think I'd use a condom with a stranger even for oral. Anyway, I found that I liked his salty precum and by stroking and licking and sucking the head, I was really getting hot and my cock was leaking plenty too. Eventually he was really groaning and seemed close and when he did cum, I didn't take it in my mouth, I held his cock out to the side and made him cum on the floor of the booth. He quickly pulled himself together, said Thanks and left the booth. I locked the door and turned to the video and finished myself off by hand.
    Later I didn't get any guilty feelings like I expected and I figured it was something I'd take one step at a time and see what happens. I still never wanted any romantic or kissy stuff with men. I don't get turned on by men, so I figured I'm straight and just an oversexed guy. I don't think it's important or relevant to put names like gay or straight or bi or whatever on it. Just do what feels good and avoid doing what doesn't feel good seems like the best advice to me.
    Over a lot of years I have gotten a few blowjobs from both men & women and given great head to a few men and women myself.

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    I started getting curious about guys in my early teens. My parents went out for the night and let me have a party. At the end of the night everyone had left except for a good friend of mine who was really drunk and had passed out in the living room. Another friend had helped me drag him into my room so he could sleep it off and my parents wouldn’t see him when they got home. I got ready for bed and I tried to wake him up but he was out cold. That’s when I got curious and pulled his pants down. I looked at his cock all soft and small and decided to touch it. Since that night I started going to this adult store near by. I’ve given and received many blow jobs. I got married and would leave for a couple of hours and go play with different men. She never knew

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