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    Straight Male / 51

    The Dirty Professor.

    At the outset I should tell you that being my age one is likely to have health issues. I am diabetic, taking two types of insulin and plenty of other medication.

    One major symptom of diabetes is ED or erectile dysfunction. Nowadays it takes me a lot longer to get aroused, and when I do it takes me longer to perform and shoot my load.

    If a woman has patience for the former, she is going to be rewarded with the latter in that I can keep it up longer.

    Now to my story. I am a biology professor, and at our institution about 2/3 of biology majors are female. This is particularly true in my field of microbiology, perhaps because of the good prospects for employment in health settings or research labs.

    There was one particular female student, Carla, that I developed a rapport with over the years. I met her in her first year for academic advising on what courses to take, etc.

    Carla was attractive enough and had a very cute face, with hazel eyes and brunette hair. But I could not really make out her body, as she tended to dress down with baggy sweat shirts and poor fitting jeans.

    As all horny professors do on the false premise of getting to know their students, I also checked her out on Facebook (which was still popular with students at the time).

    From the similar style of girls in Carla's photos, and also from the lack of guys, I began to make some inferences. With her interests in gay pride, it wasn't hard to come to the conclusion that Carla was lesbian.

    So I never really thought of Carla in a sexual way, as I realized that she would never have any interest in me.

    But by her fourth year honours program, things had begun to change for Carla. First off, she volunteered to work in my lab conducting bioassays on saliva for hormones like cortisol, etc. She was obviously thinking ahead to graduate school, both for the practical experience that she would gain in my lab, and also for the letter of reference that I would write for her graduate school application.

    Secondly, Carla also began to dress more femininly. Her jeans were more form fitting, and she even occasionally wore yoga pants. And she also wore brightly coloured blouses, unlike the dark sweatshirts she formerly wore. The blouses always had one or two extra buttons undone, to show a little cleavage (especially when she leaned over in front of me)

    This transition gradually happened over time, so I hadn't really noticed nor done the math in my head

    For you see, Carla had gotten off to a rocky start in my lab, and made a few missteps in the beginning. Perhaps she was worried that I would not write her a strong reference letter. But there were no critical problems in her performance, and if anything I could honestly say she improved over time.

    But Carla was probably a little over anxious about her grad school application, as all our honours students tend to be.

    One summer day we had a meeting in my office, and Carla came in wearing cut-off shorts (which was a first for her), with a white blouse tied off in a knot, and I couldn't help but notice that she was also braless.

    She laid back in her chair, with her legs spread out, without trying to be too obvious (but perhaps she was). I couldn't help but trace my eyes up her long legs, and wonder what was under her inviting shorts.

    Carla caught me looking, and gave me a wry smile. Then she untied her blouse and gave me a quick flash of her nubile titties, with just enough time to catch a glimpse of her puffy nipples.

    She asked me directly "Do you like what you see Professor"?

    I said that "I do!". But I also said that it was too risky to act upon it in my office, with the prying eyes in our department. I quickly made a call to a no-tell motel and booked us a room for that Saturday (I was also thinking ahead that I didn't want her to see my apartment, in case she was ever asked to describe it).

    The other reason I stalled is that I wanted to prepare ahead a bit. Frankly I was a little worried about my performance, given my ED problems.

    I went to a sex shop, and asked them for a toy that was guaranteed to get the job done, if you know what I mean. The clerk, who was a woman, gave me a We Vibe Rave, and said that it always did the trick for her and her girlfriends. It is a purple vibrator, that has an asymmetrical shape and a silent motor, so as not to break the mood.

    I waited in anticipation for Saturday to come. We arrived at the motel separately, under the cover of darkness (again I was worried about being seen together, and removing the potential for any deniability). Besides, we both could book out of there on our own time, if things did not work out.

    Like a cliche, Carla came dressed in a trench coat, and hardly had anything on underneath. When she removed her coat, I let out a little gasp, as she was wearing a sheer, teddy-style black negligee. It took only a few seconds before I wrapped her in my arms and we began to make out.

    As we were French kissing and passionately exploring each others' mouths with our tongues, Carla adeptly undid my belt buckle and unzipped my khakis. Then she pushed me backwards onto the bed, pulled off my pants, and then my shorts.

    Carla tried to mount me, but I knew that I couldn't perform that quickly. So I somewhat teasingly rolled her on her back, reached under her teddy, and pulled off her own panties.

    I began to massage her pussy with the flat of my hand, until she began to moan softly. Then I started to roll her clitty between my thumb and forefinger, which is my go-to move to get a woman aroused.

    Carla then whispered in my ear and asked me if she could call me "Daddy"? I said that I had no problem with it, and she could call me whatever the hell she wanted to.

    I next turned my attention to Carla's titties, as I pulled down her teddy top so I could begin to suckle on her luscious puffy nipples. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was probably Freudian of how it reminded me of a baby's bottle nipple.

    At this time I decided to introduce Carla to my gift for her. The store clerk had wrapped it in a nice gift bag. When Carla took the Rave out of the bag, there was that wry smile of her's again for she knew what it was for.

    I was thankful that the vibrator came already packed with its own battery, and the store clerk had thoughtfully included a tube of lubricant in the bag.

    Carla was excited to try her new toy out, so we hurriedly spread some lubricant onto a couple of my fingers. I in turn spread the lubricant onto Carla's pussy lips, and then explored deeper into her c**t to try to locate her g-spot.

    Carla whispered in my ear again that "Daddy you are getting me so wet". I turned on the Rave, and although it wasn't silent as advertised, it was the quietest vibrator that I have ever heard.

    I began to teasingly trace the vibrator up and down her inner thighs, and outer pussy lips as Carla squealed in delight. I then traced the vibrator in circles around her puffy nipples, causing her to bite her lower lip to stifle any moaning.

    I went down again on Carla's pussy and got a closer look as I started to tease her clit with the vibrator. Her pussy juices were already flowing, so she didn't need any further lubrication.

    I inserted the vibrator into Carla's pussy, at first partially and then more fully. Suddenly I had an epiphany, and realized why the vibrator had an asymmetrical shape. It was so you could work it around in the pussy, twisting it in order to edge various errogenous zones like the clit and g-spot.

    As I was discovering how to do this, Carla herself was realizing the effect, and began to have uncontrollable multiple orgasms. As long as I continued to twist the vibrator inside of her, there was no stopping the orgasms.

    From Carla's squirting pussy juices and her excessive sweating I was beginning to become concern that she might be starting to get dehydrated, so I stopped for a bit. I got her a glass of water from the bathroom to replenish her fluids.

    As soon as she recovered a bit, Carla begged me "Please Daddy don't stop; please DON'T stop!" So I kept continuing to use the vibrator on her until I thought she looked completely exhausted, and no sane person would think she could handle any more.

    Carla was mumbling incoherently by now and was hugging a pillow as the last wave of her orgasms subsided. Once she was mostly recovered, Carla then did something that was completely unexpected. She made a call on her cell phone.

    I was wondering to myself who the hell she was calling at this time, in this intimate moment. From the sound of the voice at the other end, I recognized it as being a woman, and from the snippets of the conversation that I caught I realized that it was her GIRLFRIEND.

    My hunch had been only partially correct. Apparently it turns out that Carla was not fully lesbian, but was actually bisexual. And she was inviting her girlfriend to come over to play with us.

    She told her girlfriend about this wonderful new toy that we had been playing with, or a "magic wand" as she called it. It didn't take much convincing before her girlfriend, Vanessa, was on her way.

    In what seen like forever to both Carla and I, Leah finally arrived. I could see why Carla had been so anxious. Vanessa was this cute little Ginger, who looked underage being freckled-face, petite, skinny, and flat-chested.

    Both Carla and Vanessa assured me that she was of legal age, but I still looked at her driver's license to confirm it.

    Once Vanessa had arrived, I may as well not been there, for Carla turned all her attention to Vanessa.

    Not that I am complaining, because I had front row seating to the greatest live sex show. There is something more intimate about how two women make love, which is probably why guys are so turned on by lesbian porn.

    I will not go into the graphic details of how Carla and Vanessa made love, because I could never do it justice. Suffice to say that Carla first used the magic wand on Vanessa, then Vanessa used it on Carla.

    The dog in me wanted to take photos and even video them in their lovemaking, but thankfully my better judgment made me realize that would ruin the mood.

    By the time that Carla and Vanessa were winding down their lovemaking, they suddenly realized that I had only been an observer and not an active participant.

    They turned their attention to me, and Carla asked "Daddy who do you want to fuck first, me or Vanessa?" Frankly I was more attracted to Vanessa giving her Lolita-like appearance, but I thought whoever I answered, might offend the other.

    Carla saw my struggle and whispered into my ear "Daddy why don't you fuck Vanessa first, so I can lick your cum out of her pussy".

    With that invitation, and all that I had seen that night, I suddenly became aware that I had the raging hard-on of a teenage boy (ED be damned).

    So I lifted up Vanessa's tiny body, and I mounted her on my stiff cock into her tight young pussy. I began to fuck her in the standing position, bouncing her lithe body up and down my hard cock. Suddenly realizing that I was fucking her "bare-back", my better sense got a hold of me, and I asked her if she was on birth-control. Both Vanessa and Carla echoed that they were both on the pill.

    With that anxiety out of the way, I continued to fuck Vanessa in the standing position, while Carla started to lick out her asshole. I was a little worried that Vanessa might not enjoy being fucked by a guy. But she seemed to really enjoy the dual attention, and we even came simultaneously with me shooting a hot load up into her pussy, while she gushed her pussy juices all over my cock.

    Then as promised, Carla laid Vanessa on her back on the bed and began to lick my cum out of her pussy. Guys, this is one of the most erotic things that I have ever seen. Although I was spent, I began to stroke my cock and was soon hard again.

    As I had been watching Carla lick out Vanessa's pussy, I realized that Carla's bare ass was fully exposed to me. So I started to insert my cock into her pussy from the rear to fuck her doggy-style, when suddenly Carla shouted out "Daddy fuck me in the anus!"

    So I obliged, but I had to thrust my cock into her asshole a little harder than I was anticipating, and Carla loudly groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

    It soon became apparent that Carla liked it a little more rough, so I started to pull on her hair as I continued to pound away at her asshole, and she cried out "Fuck your dirty little whore, Daddy. FUCK ME!"

    Meanwhile, being left out of the action somewhat, Vanessa had repositioned herself under Carla 69-style so she could finger and lick her clitty.

    So here we were in a true threesome, with me pounding away at Carla's asshole, Vanessa fingering and licking Carla's clit, and Carla licking Vanessa's pussy as best as she could, given the awkward positioning.

    Both of the ladies came way before I did, and Carla was impressed that I could stay hard for so long (little did she know that it was my ED). Both Carla and Vanessa began to lick the shaft of my cock, even though it had just been in Carla's asshole.

    Every guy's dream is to have a dual blowjob, and this one certainly did the trick for me. Soon I was shooting my hot jizz all over both Carla's and Vanessa's sweet lovely faces.

    Carla did get into graduate school, but at our own institution. Now both she and Vanessa are living with me, so we have to keep it on the DL, but it is certainly worth all of the risk.

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    Oops! I let slip someone's real name in my story.
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    I've been around a few university biology departments. I've yet to find one that didn't have two or three instructors that sampled the student bodies - particularly seniors looking for recommendations to graduate or medical school.

    You're 51 now. Assuming you started teaching when you were in your late 20's, you've had at least 20 years to fuck the cute little coeds. About how many would you guess you've bagged in that time?

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