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    Straight Female / 54

    Wet is wonderful for me now, it took me until my 60th birthday celebration to make my husbands biggest desire become reality! We had taken a short city break trip to Rome and to celebrate my birthday would see all the delights that Rome had to offer, brilliant city and although we were both in our 60's, well me only just, we did a lot of walking and sight seeing. Lovely city and lovely people. On the 2nd night we were there, a bottle of Champagne was delivered to our room and left in a bucket of ice, compliments of the hotel management.

    When we arrived back at our room we were a little surprised to see it, however, we did not need any encouragement to drink it!

    My husband poured me a glass and he took a smaller one for himself. We sat on the hotel room balcony watching the world go by drinking the bubbly, I seemed to be getting a larger share of the bottle. All the bubbles made me feel like I needed to to go the loo.

    As I stood my husband preempted me and stopped me. He was smiling, must be something up? He looked at me and said "you know how I have always wanted a golden shower from you", well I had to agree as he had mentioned it enough over the years, but I had never wanted to treat my husband so badly as to relieve myself all over his face and body. Well he was persistent this time and the longer he held me, the more I wanted to just drop my knickers and pee. It was becoming pretty clear if he didn't let me go I was going to wet myself on the hotel room floor. I reluctantly relented and said "OK, just this once, you naughty boy". I have never seen him undress so quickly, he stood naked in front of me in about 45 seconds. I quickly removed my blouse, bra, 3 quarter length white cropped trousers and my almost soaked knickers, I too was naked, now the hard part! We laid several towels on the bed and he laid on top of them and motioned for me to stand or kneel over his face, I did as he wanted.

    I felt a little embarrassed, I was tipsy from the Champagne, but I knew what I was doing. I positioned my vagina directly over his face, too late for a change of heart husband as I released a golden shower from my pussy all over his face, he was desperately trying to get it in his mouth, I could hear him trying to swallow. It must have been the longest wee I have ever done, when I was finished I could feel his tonge on my vagina lips, licking the last drops from me.

    I got off the bed and surprised to see how little had made it onto the towels, my dearest hubby had drank most of it, I wanted to kiss him, but didn't under the circumstances. We both headed for the shower. It was a dream come true for my husband, but for me I put it down to the Champagne.

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    It is a great fun that I and my hubby enjoy. We both are over 50s, enjoy shower together.
    It is our routine in most weekends that in the bathroom we get naked, pee on each other gulping some pee of each others, massage our bodies with pees. Best part is that when he pees targeting my pussy slit and lips opened by my fingers and I can feel his warm pees washes my c**t hole. We are by then too horny to fuck like mad. After resting for sometime, we have most refreshing shower!

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