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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    I don't know why I chose this direction at this time but I did. I've played around but never any actual sex with other boys or men. I have been curious, though not attracted to other boys or men. I am very attracted to fit women, especially older women, and have a girlfriend who is 24 and a "piece on the side" who is 56. I travel all the time for work and I just got back from an assignment in Holland for 8 weeks. I had a corporate apartment and one evening after a meal felt like hitting one of the hash bars, got stoned, and on the way home stopped in a pub for a beer. It was a gay bar. I was hit on, felt up, danced with guys all things I'd never considered doing before.

    It was that night I decided that for the next two months I would be gay. I didn't know what that meant, hadn't considered being the bottom, top or both. I went for it the next night and in the back room at the club I gave 2 blowjobs the first one swallowing it all, the second an hour or so later, came on my face. He wouldn't let me clean up though. He took me back to the main room sitting at the bar with his sperm all over my face. He kissed me in front of everyone after which I took my finger and wiped up a glob of his cum and pushed it in my mouth. Guys were buying me shots like crazy. I thought he would be my first gay sex partner anally, but he left in about 30 minutes. Another guy took me out on the dance floor with a very slow number and had his hands down the back of my pants grabbing my bare butt. Soon my pants were over halfway down my ass and everyone was hooting at us. At the bar he kept my pants down, and stood behind me dry humping me as we has our drinks. Within an hour I was on my back in his bed with his probably 9 to 10 inches pounding in and out of my formerly virgin ass. This was his second time, he took me first when we got to his place. We walked in, only one small lamp on for light, and he grabbed something then bent me over pulling my pants the rest of the way to my knees. I had walked to his house with my ass exposed on the street and his hand mauling his conquest. He lubed me as I was bent over the back of the couch and he finger fucked me, which was pretty painful. Then he slowly inserted his cock and in about 10 minutes the pain was gone, and I was his piece of fuckmeat for the night.

    I walked home at 6am, I should say hobbled home, my ass had been fucked by this monster cock 4 times during the night. I was very sore and walked like a man who'd just been fucked all night long. I saw him at the bar a couple of times, he fucked me once back at his place, and another time took me in the back room for a blowjob. I turned into a total gay slut. Sucking and getting fucked a lot, some guys would suck me and they were much better than my girlfriend but not better than my 56 year old. I did meet a guy at a crossdresser friendly club and fucked him during my stay but that was the only one with whom I was the top. I was a bottom, sissy, fucktoy for other mens' cocks for the 2 whole months.

    Now I'm back and my girlfriend is great, I love seeing her naked, and fuck her a lot. My older woman is a constant source of sex and sexual inspiration. I told her what I did over there, and she brought out a strap on and got me dressed in a sexy nightie and her in a tee shirt and mans white undies, she fucks me. She also has encouraged me to continue with men. I miss it terribly, the feeling of a cock cumming in my mouth, filling my mouth with their sperm is incredible. My ass feels empty when there isn't a cock in it. I don't know but I think I prefer being a gay fucktoy for me over fucking my incredibly beautiful girlfriend.

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    If only you lived in Mn. I love to fuck guys in front of their wives and girlfriends. Wait until you start cumming just from being fucked, you will never want to stop. I'll bet your girlfriend would love it too!

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