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    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    I'm a whore, a slut and always have been. My husband doesn't know it and I really tried after we got together to remain only for him. I've never been able to do it though. After the first BJ I gave, then after the first time I got fucked I have a love of sperm. I love mancum. I can't get enough. I like it in me, on me, in my mouth, my pussy anywhere. I even gave up my butt to a man when I was 17 just to get his sperm inside me. I did my first group fuck, can't really call it a gangbang since it was only three 15 year old boys when I was 14. They each fucked me or got sucked by me 3 times through an afternoon. Eventually I was getting gangbanged most weekends. The most was a Friday night through Sunday afternoon at a motel where 28 different guys came and went, most more than once. I just love cum.

    I met my husband at work, no I don't fuck people I work with, and he was very much the gentlemen. He took his time and I liked it but I wanted his cum. Since he didn't fuck for 5 dates I was going home after dates and calling up guys to come over and fuck. I'm a cumslut whore.

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    How much cum have you had today?
    Have you seen the amount of cum horses can give would you jerk a horse off to get covered?
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    The weekend when you took on 28 men, did most of them go bare? Were they fucking you in multiples [two or three holes at once]? Have you moved away from the place where you fucked all weekend long or are some of those men still around and giving you regular doses of their cum?

    You referred to yourself as a whore in the first line of your confession. Have you ever taken money or g*fts for your sexual favors?
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    In answer to #1, I've had my husband this morning, and he's coming home now and I'll get another dose from him when he gets here before we cook dinner. I've seen movies of a horse screwing a rather plump woman and he came in her. I don't want to do an animal but I would love to fine a really big cock attached to a really big cummer.

    For #2, Most of the 28 were bare, a couple went covered at their desire, not mine, but I did get their cum at the end. I asked them to pull off the condom at the end and shoot onto me, as some of the uncovered did anyway.
    We moved away from that city, but I go back to visit my sister and mother a lot, and my husband stays here, I have let many of them fuck me again, but it's not regularly.
    Starting when I was 16 I did take some money, and some jewelry and clothes from older men. Mostly men in their 40's and 50s.
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    OMG you are an awesome wife !
    Don't condemn yourself at all.
    You obviously love your husband but you know what you like and how often you like it.

    If it would help alleviate whatever guilt you have, see if your husband would be interested in you doing other guys with him.

    My last wife was like you and when we realized what a great time we could have together exploring her need for cum it was a huge boost to our sex life.

    I'll be glad to email you about that, explain some of the things we did if you want or if it would help you and your husband.
    Just let me know and I'll post my email here for you.
    Good luck to you both.

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