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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I am a 62 year old retired truck driver. I retired because of my back and to top it all off I tripped and broke my ankle. My wife works downtown and I am home alone all day, still walking on crutches. I got tired of television and started cruising the internet and looking for naked girls. To be honest during my forty plus year career I fucked a few along the way and none of them looked like the girls on the internet. When you get them to crawl up into your cab your aren't really looking for a model, a wet hole with do. I had a few that wanted to suck cock but not fuck and I had few that got mad after they got fucked and I had a few who wanted to get paid.

    Out there on the road, after ten hours of driving and stopping for something to eat you get to talking to guys and we all had the same experiences. This one driver told me that he took a young guy up into his cab and greased him up and fucked his ass and he was tight and it felt real good. In the darkness of the cab who cares what hole your fucking. He told me it happened at a rest stop, but who knows. In any event he said that fucking a tight hole like that was a whole lot better than a floppy hole of some truck stop whore. And he whispered to me that sucking a young hard cock was something I had to do at least once in my life, once you do it you won't settle for some used pussy. As a matter of fact if I was up to it he was happy to suck my cock and show me how good it was.

    Your instinct is to say fuck off, but he has his hand on yours and he is offering to give you a blow job and you really could use a blow job so you go out to your truck and crawl into the back and he knows his way around a hard cock and he sucks you dry. He says if you want to suck, go ahead he likes it both ways and you suck the guy's cock that night. You just don't tell anyone that you did.

    That was twenty years ago, a little more to be exact and now here I am sitting in front of the computer telling you about it. Between then and now I guess I sucked a couple of dozen cocks, you have to offer and get refused, but some say yes and you suck cock that night and you get good at it and you milk them and suck up all their man milk because why else would you suck their cock. Not everyone that gets his cock sucked is doing it the first time, most of them have been doing it for a long time and some want to suck your cock and get naked, you always have some of that KY Jelly handy in case they want to get on, because in my experience it is better to have them get on and than it is for you to get on, but that's me.

    But if you are stuck at home with crutches all you can do is think about the time that you let this redneck in Alabama fuck you and you squealed like a stuffed pig for him because he said he really liked that movie Deliverance. I found this place where I saw that some posts were about when and where to meet and I posted one for me, meet me at Walmart in the Auto Section at 3 p.m. I will be the one on crutches and say 'sorry' when you go by and we will go back to the men's room and I will suck your cock. It was that easy, that first time. I stood in the Auto Section for about twenty minutes and this guy came along and said 'sorry' and I followed him into the men's room, into the stall and sucked him dry. If you can't milk them why try?

    He gave me a card with a number on it and told me to leave a text and he would see if he could meet me but someplace else, not at Walmart. We met at McDonald's and we went for a drive in his truck and I jerked him off while he drove and when he was going to unload I got my mouth on him and sucked it all down. The next time we met up at the John Deer dealership and we went to his house and he got out lubes and greased me up and I buried my head in the pillow and he fucked me and left his calling card up my ass. After that he wanted to jerk together and make out and he fucked me on my back. We got together at his place, by then I was on a cane and I liked getting my pants down in the kitchen and holding on the corner of the counter while he fucked me and I looked outside. I sucked his cock a lot, and jerked him off a lot, and he fucked me a lot, and we got naked on his king size bed and jerked each other off and made out, sucking tongue.

    I can't say that my wife knows where I go during the day, he is a retired county Sheriff, seventy three and he gets a mean erection, much better than mine and he likes good old boys and a retired truck driver is right up his alley. I guess I never did try one of those young guys like my first friend told me, I still don't know if I believe him but that doesn't matter, that first time sucking his cock after he sucked mine made me a believer and now that I'm retired and have the daylight hours to myself I meet up with my new friend and we spend quality time together. I told him about that Alabama redneck and squealing like a pig and he laughed and ran it up my ass like he always does. My wife is just happy that I met someone to spend time with, watch a game, or have coffee and talk about when we were young.

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    A hard friend is good to find!
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    Your confession is so honest and evenly spoken. My experience isn't so similar, but it has lasted for a long long time. I'm forty eight now and he's sixty six. He first fucked me when I was only fifteen. It was at his and his wife's barbecue, and from then on he's been fucking me throughout my entire life. But then having an uncle like him, is as special as you get.
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    Cool. Enjoyed reading your confession. Good reminder that I am not so different from other men. As a long haul driver I stayed away from the lot lizards. Most of them are disgusting. Anyway, one day I got to talking with a younger man at a truck stop and the topic of sex came up. He asked how I dealt with being horny on the road. I told him porn and masturbation. He asked if I ever let another man give me head or thought about it. I said sure, who hasn't. He shocked me by saying that he would love to give me head. I was nervous and excited as we went to my truck. He went down on me without saying a word. Clearly not his first time. After both of us got really horned up he stood up to take off his clothes. When he puleed down his pants and underwear I couldn't help but notice his cock was big and hard. He started blowing me again. I couldn't stop thinking about his cock. Curiosity and desire overwhelmed me and I pulled him up. I didn't say anything and went down on him. We switched back and forth until each of us got off. That was the beginning of discovery how much I enjoy man to man sex.

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