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    I like to tell you all about something I did I thought I would be ashamed of but I am not, I committed the ultimate taboo, I am recently married I did regret leaving home because my father spends most of his time out drinking, I had been on honeymoon for two weeks, I was concerned as to how my mother was when I called she was upset about being on her own most of the time, I hugged and kissed her to make her feel better, I have had thoughts about having sex with her many times we both know we have been very to it, I know she could feel my erection pressed against her when we hug and kiss when we meet or I leave, I talked to her to try and cheer het up before I went to my wife the hug and kissing was very frequent until we were kissing like lovers I was rubbing my hands up and down her back I accidently touched her bottom I apologised mum looked at me and said lets do it, we has sex there and then on the floor still half dressed it was the best sex ever, we have been doing it for yeas

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    Are you sure it was by accidental when you felt your mums arse, ime not criticising at all I have been having a taboo relationship for years we both wanted a sexual relationship only, so lets not pretend it was by accident you both got what you wanted, good
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    Just after I came back from honeymoon, my wife broke her leg badly, and had to stay in hospital. After some day, Mum noticed my frustration. She was divorced, not very good-looking, and had no boyfriends. One evening, we were on the sofa watching TV. I was in my pyjamas, and Mum was in a nightie. She suddenly put an arm around me, and started kissing me. Soon, we were tongue-kissing, and I felt Mum's hand rubbing my cock. I slid my hand under her nightie, an began massaging her c**t. I was amazed at the size of her clit, which was longer and thicker than any I had seen. Within minutes, I was on my knees licking and sucking like mad. Mum suddenly grabbed my head, and screamed as her orgasm wracked her trembling body. When her orgasm subsided, I got over her, and gave her the fuck I so badly needed. After that, we fucked every day. I sometimes fucked her three or four times, and she never refused my advances.
    When my wife eventually returned home, she asked me how I'd managed without her being there to fuck. I tentatively confessed about Mum and me. Instead of being angry, she said, "I'm glad it was with your mother, and not with someone who might take you away from me." My mother is 81 now, but we still fuck a few times a month, with my wife's permission. I'm fortunate in having two women in my life whom I love, and who love me.

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