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    It started in the 10th grade. Her name was Debbie Javizian and I fell for her the moment I saw her take the seat immediately in front of mine in English class with Mrs. Smith. Debbie had long dark brown hair that cascaded down her back in waves. She wore glasses and often wore denims that set off her lovely ass, and knit blouses that accentuated her shapely breasts. When the weather was nice Debbie would wear red or blue Dr. Scholl's exercise sandals, and especially in English class where I sat behind her, I would watch as her sexy feet would slide in and out of this sandals, watch them as she dangled a sandal with her toes or sometimes dangle it off of her big toe, and I would become lost in a reverie of lust staring at her wrinkled sole, fantasizing kissing those lovely feet, licking them, sucking he toes, licking in between her toes, licking her soles. . . Sometimes, Mrs. Smith would call on me while I dwelled in that dream-like state and she'd yell at me for day dreaming, and I would blush, and Debbie would turn around in her seat and smile at me, somehow knowing that I was mooning over her.

    I had never been very good with talking to girls my age, but found that talking with Debbie was natural and easy. I found her endlessly fascinating and would hang on every word that fell from her lovely lips. And she would stare intently at me when I spoke, seeming to hang on every word. We found that we were seated next to each other in History class, and began eating lunch and sharing study hall together. Within the first week we were fast friends, and by the second week, I, who had never asked a girl out, asked her to go to the Saturday matinee with me to see Love Story. After that, we dated regularly. I brought her home to meet my parents, who immediately liked her and she brought me home to meet her parents, who liked me, too.

    It took me several dates, but then after having ice cold cokes on a hot October afternoon in a cafe a couple of blocks from our school, I reached over and kissed her and, lo and behold, Debbie kissed me back. I felt my body come alive with this sudden shock of electricity followed by a radiant warmth. I never dreamed that kissing a girl could feel so incredibly good.

    We would walk hand in hand from school as I would carry her books. Debbie lived several blocks from my house. We'd hem and haw standing there n front of her house, not wanting the moment to end, but not knowing what to say to each other. I would steal a finel kiss from her and then walk on clouds all the way back home.

    Soon the kissing gave way to French kissing, which was unbelievably mesmerizing for both of us. When we were alone together, which given the watchful eyes of our parents was not very often, the French kissing began being accompanied by petting and caressing. The first time that I gently caressed her breasts, Debbie came alive. I unbuttoned her blouse and reached under her bra to free her breasts, which I then kissed and licked and sucked, bringing Debbie to a shuddering climax without ever going near her pussy. Her eyes were hungry and desperate, begging me not to stop, and I began rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, and then sucking them until she would cum again with a violence I'd never seen in her before. After the second time, Debbie kissed me and her tongue entwined with mine and pulled on mine as if it would never let go. I reached down and unbuttoned her jeans, which she then pulled down her legs. The front of her black panties were sopping wet with her sticky juices, and I caressed her vulva, sliding a finger and then two gingers into her panties and then gently inside of the wet inferno which was her pussy. She gasped and kissed me even harder, as I fingered he to yet a third orgasm. My cock was on fire, erect and pointing upwards towards the heavens that roiled above us. Her hand reached down and grasped it and squeezed my erection before unbuttoning my jeans. She slipped he hand beneath my painfully tented brief and grasped the shaft of my erection, pulling it up and down. I began licking my way down from her honeyed lips, down to her erect nipples, down, down her soft belly, lower, lower into that dark triangular hairy delta between her legs until I tasked that honeyed nectar, now flowing. Again and again as i eat her luscious pussy, she bucked and trembled and moaned and grunted one climax after another, and loo of those delicious tremors in between. My face was wet with the scent and taste and stickiness ov her, and I wanted nothing more than to bring her to orgasm after orgasm. Her body was an erogenous zone, he lips, her mouth, her tongue, her nipples, her areoles, her breasts, her navel, her hairy pussy, her clitoris that I licked and fingers, and rolled between my fingers and sucked, the hollows behind her knees, and as I continued to lick my way southward, yes, even her feet which I had lusted for from the first day I had laid eyes on them. And as I licked them and sucked them, we both came, together, me without even touching my cock, her foot lodged deep in my mouth, my tongue lavishing her in an exquisite, oral adoration. I looked up at her, towering above me, smiling at me, lovingly, and I knew that I would spend all the remaining days of my life making love to my sweet, sweet Debbie. That was 48 years ago, and we are still together, married, our children grown, grandchildren upon whom we dote. . . and still ravish each other in the bedroom. . . in the kitchen, the dining room, the den, on the stairway. . .

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    Cool. A story about someone who is dedicated to one woman, and vise versa, instead of someone fucking every person who crosses their path. Bravo! There are still a few decent people let in the world. Now...lets watch all of the perverts and sexual deviants heads explode over this response.

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