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    Straight Female / 27

    Having read about one other person on here with her dog I thought I would share with everyone and it is anonymous which is most important!

    I have sex with my dog almost every night and have been for the last 6 years, I live alone which helps a lot and I'm a slim brunette, I soon found sex with him was much more satisfying as he got deeper and gave me bigger and better orgasms (something the other girl found out too)

    A friend of mine owns a breeding kennel and breeds purebreds, namely kelp's which is an Australian dog and it's where I got mine from.

    I always wondered what it would be like to have more than one at the same time, a bit like a swingers club really for dogs! There are plenty of videos out there which claim to show this but they are pretty vague and not much help, and in fact the thought was driving me crazy!

    My friend was going away on holiday and closing shop while she was away, as always she asked me to come in and look after and feed the dogs while she was away, it was then I saw my opportunity to find out what it would be like to have more than one dog.

    She left one afternoon leaving me the keys and since I lived pretty far away I always stayed over using a guest bedroom, and in fact this also helped me with what I wanted.

    I didn't do anything that day but I thought about the way I was going to do it and the best way seemed to use the grooming room at the back, it was private and couldn't be seen from the approach road and there was a couch and a chair in there too, so that was it, it was already set up for a orgy!

    I waited until the afternoon the following day and got 5 of the adult males including my own so 6 altogether and I'm rather pleased they all got on with each other!
    We all went over to the grooming room together and I locked the door behind me, they must have thought they were going to gets brushed out but I had other plans and better things to give them, I took off skirt and panties but left my top on, I went into the loo and masturbated to orgasm and when I came I spread it all over my crotch and pubes so my sex scent was everywhere there.

    I went back into the room and sat on the couch, almost immediately mine came over for a sniff between my legs and jumped up on me straight away! his cock found me and he humped me for a couple of mins until he settled down buried inside me and as usual he knotted me binding us together until he expelled all his cum inside me before jumping off, it was exhilarating as usual making me cum really hard.

    I decided to get on floor using one of the cushions to kneel on, almost straight away one of the others came over to lick my pussy which was dripping with cum and liking what he tasted, mounted me from behind, as he humped me his cock was everywhere, banging around hitting my leg! but eventually found what he was aiming for! he humped me for around a minute before settling down, pulling me towards him with his paws getting deeper inside me, his knot and cock expanded sealing us together, my pussy was going into spasms as I felt his cock squirting his cum inside me making me push back in orgasm.

    Eventually he relinquished his hold on me and jumped off with a sort of pop! I stayed there head down arse up and felt all his cum run out of me and almost straight away one of the others was there sniffing and licking me and the whole process started again! and again his knot was in me while his cock squirted away.

    In the end all 6 dogs had me, 3 of then twice making it 9 in total and in the end after the last one I staggered to my feet, my pussy was gaping open pouring out all there spunk, my head was spinning and my legs were shaky! and from the waist down I was covered in cum, it was a hell of a mess!

    I sat down on the sofa and tried to regain my composure but two of them were not finished with me yet, I couldn't fight them off even if I wanted too! again I was mounted feeling his cock all the way inside me and filling me with cum, then again!

    After that I sat up and looked down at my poor pussy, she was wide open oozing cum and standing up the rest poured down my legs, I don't know how many times I came, it was a lot I can tell you and mine and there's was all mixed up together on the floor in a big puddle!

    My top got torn with there paws and I got scratched with there claws but hell I now knew what it was like! I got a shower, cleaned up the mess and bathed the dogs! like nothing had ever happened!

    That night my pussy red and ached! and my lips stayed parted! I could almost put a finger inside with it touching the sides! but I was bloody satisfied, I had been in there for nearly 5 hours getting constantly fucked and stretched with huge cocks!

    In the end they had me 11 times in 5 hours and it was a hell of a session! and messy to boot!

    I will do it again but not yet! and my poor dog will have to wait till my pussy calms down! I think more planning next time and a break in between for a coffee or something!
    For me it was a realization of a dream! a little painful but worth every moment!


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    holy crap you must have had a fanny like the entrance to a tunnel! I hope it didn't echo! pleased you got your wish anyway.
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    It isn't just for Women. We used to have a bitch Irish Setter, and when she was in heat I would roll her on her back, rub her softly, and enter her missionary. She loved it and got to where she would roll over on her own. Many times spots of cum were dried in her dog bed.
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    Wow, you are one brave woman. After having two shepherds taking me the first time with supervision I was spent. We gradually added more dogs over a period of a couple weeks. My partner had friends that took an interest and wanted to have their dogs participate so they could watch. Part of the fun was being watched, my audience, cheering on while they relieved their own balls.
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    Would you ladies do any other animals?
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    Hell girl you had a good time! it's strange you find out these things by accident isn't it? like I did, I was quite satisfied with my boyfriend and still am and I love my Newfoundland, big shaggy thing it is! anyway me and my boyfriend has just finished making love, I usually have a shower afterwards but this time I wanted a cigarette while he went off to sleep as he had to be up for work early, wearing nothing but my dressing gown I had my cigarette at the back door and went into the living room and sat on the chair, I must have dosed off for a minute or two cause when I woke up my dog was furiously licking my pussy! he had pushed himself between my legs so they were apart!
    The next thing I knew he was up on top off me humping the air trying to find a way into me and my immediate thought was fucking hell!
    Newfoundlands are big dogs! and heavy! in my initial panic all I did was slide down the chair making life a lot easier for him!
    His cock scr**ed over the top of my pussy few times and eventually he ended up inside me with his full weight on me! and I couldn't close my legs either! I did think about screaming to wake up my boyfriend but I was way too embarrassed.
    Once in he thrust away, I couldn't do anything but let him and after about five or so mins he calmed down but pushing really hard against me and it felt like he had pushed an apple in there!
    At this point I felt like I was being stretched like hell! I later learned this was his cock and knot expanding inside me, he started filling me up with his cum, hot spurts of it, lots of it too, at this time I had an orgasm! then another!
    I found it incredible at the time my body could respond like that with what was happening! but my fear and panic soon turned too sheer pleasure for the next twenty mins or so as I just came and came, he didn't let me go until he was ready, not that I had any choice or say in the matter! and when I stood up there was a flood of doggy cum!
    I cleaned everything up, he reeked of sex cause I squirt when I cum! and his underside was soaking with me! so I had to bath him.
    Ok initially I felt horrible, I felt dirty and I thought my boyfriend would notice something down there with me and I didn't sleep that night, but after that I knew he gave me the best sex I had ever had!
    It was a few days after that while he was at work I "voluntary" let him fuck me! I simply had to know!

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    Fuck me thats hot i want to experiance this with a girl
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    Wonderful, thanks #5 comment for sharing. I have never heard or read anyone experience sex with dogs regret.
    I am the 3rd comment. When it all started for me there was no internet, but my husband kept bringing porn magazines home that showed women having sex with dogs, horses and donkeys. I thought it was all fake. I'm glad I found out.

    To the 4th comment. Yes, I have made love to donkeys.
    Great memories.
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    Did the donkey cum in you or would you prefere it to come on you? Who else did you do it with?
    Any of ur friends or family know
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    When the pussy is full of donkey cock the cum goes everywhere.
    My husbands uncle and aunt had the donkeys. They were trained to fuck women.
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    I had sex with a pig. Only once and never again. They are scary creatures. It took ages to get him understand and get it in me. Its cock is thin and long, like a snake and cum is totally different than other beasts. First it is liquid, but the rest are like a thick glue and form a clot to keep the cum inside. After it had finished cum in me, and I got up, I thought where did it went. I had felt its cock sneaking into my womb, hurting me, but there was no cum.

    Couple of steps, wondering what happened, suddenly swhoshhh, it all dropped between my legs. It was fun, but not worth the hassle. Dogs know what to do. Would love to try that orgy too.

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