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    Straight Male / 46

    Ladies, what's your top 3 or 4 kinkiest sexual acts you fantasize about, or 1 or 2 you did that you have absolutely no regrets about the night itself?

    I'm talking about if you had one night where no one knew you, and could do it safely without anyone ever finding out, what's the 3 or 4 things you might contemplate? NSA sex for money, another woman, a gang bang, stripping?

    Just wondering what the big female sexual cravings are, post 50 Shades.

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    I would love being with another woman. Full lipstick lesbian and strapon sex.

    I would like to try a huge cock black man. Just to be fucked like a rag doll and used in every way.

    A gf asked me to her family farm and hinted that the animals were friendly. I chickened out, but I would love to try.

    For one night I would love to be the girl everyone wanted, a real group thing with me being the only female!

    Well, that's my list. Never going to happen--married, 3 beautiful children, and an adoring husband that provides for us very well.

    Thank you for letting me day break this afternoon.
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    I can honestly say I have no regrets about the adventures I have had.
    The freakiest start with letting the dogs fuck me. Later it turned into several dogs tag teaming and using my pussy until I couldn't walk.
    A train of men I gave blow jobs.
    At a private club for an audience I stripped and had sweet sex with a woman.
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    No regrets having sex with my own father ever since being 18. No regrets doing it unsafe for his 50 birthday present, and I guess miscarrying his baby. It was very early, and I noticed heavy periods and felt something dropping out of me. I think I have miscarried.
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    Are there any women who visit this site?
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    No. Only hairy old sweaty men.

    You wanted to have dirties fantasies. There, you have it.

    Did you really think sex with another woman or stripping, (come on, stripping?!) is such a secret desire? Where the hell have you been living past years?

    Bible is your style, go back to read it.
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    Actually, I'm a writer. I was looking for what women are wanting that's not 50 shades for an erotica series... for women.

    Obviously the wrong place to ask.
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    Go and ask from your local church ladies what they fantasize about. Here are real fantasies. If you are not fine with them, and you think something so lame like stripping, either you are a virgin or idiot and erotica is not something you should write about. Haven't you heard that even all the studies about female fantasies show that the most popular fantasy is r**e. Personally I don't fantasize about getting r**ed, but that's just me. If you are shocked, this is not a place for you.
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    It's finally clear and I'm sure you know as all men do that women know they will always be sexual objects, created for a man's pleasure thus; they know they exist to be TAKEN at Man's will, even if they aren't 'ready' or consent. They know the 'r' word was fabricated in the interest of revenue and why it is mostly disregarded now by authorities as a hoax.
    Point being that most dames desire to be overpowered physically, deceived, coerced, or leveraged into pleasing a man's sexual needs. It's part of their DNA or instinctive in reality. Of course this will never be in the media; it was for society to surmise as we did. Unless it is for corrupt purposes, as it has long been exploited for, one cannot debate the concept as barbaric or uncivilized due to it being a part of nature & propogation of the species.
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    Oh shit it is you again with your bullshit ideas.

    Could you tell what authorities tell it is disregarded as a hoax? That is not a question, I know you can't answer that.

    You have not learned anything in this life. First, you think you are in power, but still, despite you are saying you take any woman you want, you're not doing it, because you are a complete loser and you really can't do it.

    You think deep down women would like it, because you say that women are desiring it. That sentence alone tells everyone here, you haven't got any pussy, ever. You try to act so powerful here, because in real life you are nothing. Women do not even look at you.

    The power of pussy is moving you around. If you truely would be a powerful person, you wouldn't care about it so much to highten yourself or other men above women.

    Because you haven't been in history lessons too much, let me teach you something else.

    Do you know where the concept of r**e comes of?

    It comes from the early times from Creece, where enemy prisoners were r**ed after a fight. Do you want to get r**ed? No? Then shut the fuck up.

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