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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 50

    I'm trying to get enough nerve to post my confession. A friend is a psychologist and after telling him only small bits of my history he suggested I write my story to help understand how I fell under the spell of my parents trusted friend allowing him to groom me as his sexual toy. It started when I was six years old and continued until we moved ten years later. He even shared me with 3 of his friends. I spent 15 years of my adult life searching for a man that would treat me like a princess that would satisfy my sexual desire.

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    How do you feel about the whole situation be honest...does it disgrace you or does it turn you on thinking about it?
    6 days ago
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    Answering comment #1
    Honestly, I have missed that man since we were separated. I would have done anything for him. By all standards I didn't have a normal childhood. Is it normal for a six year old child to enjoy sucking grown mens cocks almost every day for ten years? Is it normal to lose ones virginity at ten years old? Is it normal to be passed around by four men for sexual pleasure? Is it normal to love it more than one loves their own parents?
    6 days ago
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    Do you feel like you can get a normal life now?
    6 days ago
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    I was m****ted as a child. I now have a fetish for dirty bad old guys
    6 days ago
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    Sounds good to me lol have you ever been tempted to do the same to a younger one?
    5 days ago
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    BTW I see this website changed the age I entered shows 50 but I am 60.

    Comment #5: Not ever. He was a master manipulator, brainwashed me and in fact I learned to call him MASTER. I was completely submissive to his advances.

    Comment #4: I am sorry you went through that. I hope your life gets better. I spent years in and out of bad relationships.

    Comment #3: I hope I have some sort of normal, whatever that is. I don't easily trust people.

    Thanks for the comments.
    5 days ago
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    I want to make sure I'm understanding your train of thought here.

    At age 6, you had no experience to compare your situation to. The fact that you enjoyed orally servicing men's cocks is value neutral. You say this family friend "groomed" you to be accepting of your sexuality at a young age.

    How did he do this? Did he imply you would be a "big girl" or a "good girl" [or both] if you made his cock feel good and sucked all the white stuff out? Did he reciprocate in any way? Stimulating your young pussy and clit with his fingers and tongue?

    You claim he took your virginity at ten. Had you already orgasmed from fingering or oral? Did he promise that, with practice, getting fucked would feel even better than oral?

    What age were you when he introduced you to his p**o friends and loaned them your talented young mouth? Did he escalate as you got older? That is, did he start by sharing you with one other person in a session and work his way up to having you service four or five in a session with your pussy and mouth being passed around by a group?

    Did you ever tell your parents? Based on your description of the situation, I'm assuming he had a lot of unsupervised time with you. Was it a garden variety close family friend / next door neighbor that was supposed to babysit you when you got home from school?
    4 days ago
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    #7 You ask alot of questions. Are you a lurking p**o?
    You have guessed right on most points. I never told my parents.

    The man was the neighbor retired military. I went there after school and he would do my homework with me. He told my parents I was company for him because he didn't have any family close. Three month summer vacation I was with him almost every day all day. You can figure out how much influence he had over me. He had 3 friends that were there to play cards twice a week.

    It was the way he talked to me, very sweet and convincing each step would feel good and make him feel good. After I got used to and liked sucking his cum we did it with his friends there. He convinced me to suck all of them that day. I already liked it and I wanted to please him as he told me. Everything that involved his friends was group sessions. I would get wet but I don't think I had actual orgasms for a few years.
    4 days ago
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    Sorry to disappoint you, OP. No p**o. Psyche degree and a lot of chats (not interviews) with people in your shoes. I've been told I have a talent for asking the right questions. I've also been told it's well for all concerned that I'm one of the "good guys" .

    Did your main m****ter keep the others in line and make it clear to you that he was "watching out" for you and wouldn't let his friends get rough?

    When you started having intercourse with him and his friends, was that when you started having orgasms? Was that what ultimately bound you to him?

    You must have passed into puberty at some point while he and his friends were passing you around like a drunken coed. How was that handled? Did they all start wearing rubbers? Did they get a lot more selective about where they came? Did the family friend convince your parents you should be put on birth control?

    Moving past your separation from him, you said you went looking for a man that would "treat me like a princess and satisfy my sexual desire." I take it your retired babysitter was a generous man in his way and put you and your underage body on a pedestal of sorts and made you feel extra special. So special, that in a paraphrasing of your own words, you loved your m****ters more than your parents. The part I'm having an issue understanding is what particular sexual desire you need fulfilled. Did those early experiences imprint so strongly that you didn't / don't feel complete satisfaction with only one man? Were you looking for someone that could regularly share you in a group without jealousy?

    A couple of late questions that occurred to me:

    What was the age range of the men who had sex with you?

    Were any of them particularly well endowed when compared to the others in the group?

    If you want to talk direct, I'm nunya001122 at g***l dot com.
    4 days ago
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    Age: They were all mid 40's
    My Master seemed to be more endowed than the others. I guess after accepting the size I had an easier time servicing the others.
    You are right. He was very generous in his own way, always praise and say sweet things. Convincingly telling me how good I was.

    He learned when my cycles happened each month so he was able to avoid getting me pregnant ... he still got what he wanted. That turned into my obsession or addiction for sucking juicy creamy.

    Post separation I wound up involved with several men that were not nice after all. Some can be physically and emotionally abusive.

    Nice trading information with you nunya, my friend that is a psychologist is helping me.

    Thanks anyway. Good luck to you.
    4 days ago

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