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    Straight Male / 21

    Iâd say Iâm subjectively straight but I cruise Grindr and chat to a lot of people, maybe because they are like minded.

    I never intended to meet anyone on there until around 2 months of using it. He was an international student, a few inches shorter than me but muscular and had a cock twice the size of mine when soft and hard. For some reason his chat and how he knew I would submit did it for me. His persistence made me feel wanted and he sounded very dominant.

    I let him come straight to mine and after a bit of chit chat he had me on my knees while he talked down to me, slapped my face with his hand and cock, fucked my face, spit in my mouth before bending me over and squeezing his enormously thick cock into my virgin asshole. It felt amazing.

    Since then, nearly 60% of the time I have sex with girls I think of how he dominated me and how much I want it again.

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    It sounds like you are no longer straight, and enjoying getting your ass filled.

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