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    Straight Male / 43

    Ok few thing i want to ask you women that are reading this.
    1.any1 from uk love to gush or squirt, i miss playing with my ex who i use to finger hard untill she gushed on me....i used to stand behind her n slide my thimb up het pussy so it pushed on her g-spot as my for finger would hit her clit n my wrist hit her bum hole n frig her hard .....she came that much once i did this over a beer glas n caught her juices i added vodka n drank it....but i do love a wet pussy riding my face till she cums.mmmm

    2, any females play with me infront of family members descreetly or in ur teen ager kids, id love a 3some with a mother n daughter having both their cum on me.

    3.what are you fantasies?

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    My wife played tennis without panties after I f***** her twice and she didn't wipe her c***. She also loves going shopping with short skirts and no panties after I f*** her, she pees, she jerks off, and I f*** her again. She never wipes her p**** and as she walked out to go shopping one time her c*** was making squishing noises and she still just walked out. All her skirts are so short that she leaves wet spots on seats , but others that are a bit longer all have c** stains on them. Even dresses. She wore a black dress to a Christmas party a few times and the entire inside is full of c** stains. Even the inside of her fur coat is full of stains. She loves it all.

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