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    Transsexual Male / 42

    This maybe gross to some but I love being a human toilet. Have done with lots of guys and most of the time I've eaten. I love the taste o eat mine slot or make milkshakes or brownies with it. My fetish is so good I go farming at local toilets for it and shove down my panties and take home, love the feeling of it as I smear all over me. I'm currently covered from head to toe on some I saved in the freezer, I love to fuck myself with it until it defrost, I even have a couple of regular guys who love feeding me in my bed. Is the best feeling knowing some are complet strangers. My last one the other day we swapped our dirty nappys and I sucked his dirty cock clean and licked him clean then gave him a piss enema that he squirted in my mouth, was some of his piss and some of mine but still drank it. I also love scat fun with my sex doll. Hopefully I get my panties filled tonight up the local dogging site I normally do also had a couple of women fill them aswell and women's shit tastes the best

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    Get some psychological help you stupid sick fuck
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    And when you are in the hospital dyeing from a septic infection you can think it was all worth it.

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