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    Straight Female / 18

    I am a girl and I love to pee. I pee in my underwear, trash can, floor and sometimes wee wee pads. I fantasize on wetting my bed but I still live with my parents. I also want to wear diapers, but again I live with my parents. Anyways... hereâs my story of when I peed on the trash can.

    I waited until my mom went to the shower and then I closed my door and got my trash can, squatted and peed a little bit. I then controlled it and grabbed a cup and peed on the cup. I tasted the pee a little bit and then dumped it out. I love the way pee feels but not the way it tastes.

    Here âs the story of when I peed on a wee wee pad.
    I waited until my mom left to park her car and then I grabbed a wee wee pad, placed it on the floor and stood on top of it and peed. It felt so good and warm. I peed so much that the wee wee pad couldnât absorb all of it and it leaked to the floor. After I was done I laid down on the peed wee wee pad and fingered myself. After I was done fingering myself, I threw away the wee wee pad and used a swiffer to clean the floor. I then took a shower.

    Here& acirc;s the story of me peeing on the floor.
    I was texting my current boyfriend and I felt really horny and peed on the floor. But in 3 little spurts and then I emptied my blaster.

    Thatâs my stories/confessions of me peeing. I now fantasize of someone peeing on me, me peeing all over my future furniture, holding myself until I burst and a lot more.

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    Here's a hint how to get better tasting pee. You must start this atleast at the morning. Drink maybe half a liter (but no more!) of water in the morning. You can also drink coffee or whatever you usually drink at the morning.

    Drink couple of liters of juice by the day. Not at once, but along the day.

    Try for example apple juice or something like that. Pee first time when you need and then continue drinking and remember to eat something salty too in the mean time!

    When your bladder is empty of the older, stronger tasting pee, it will be flushed by the water, and then later on with that apple juice.

    Do not drink pineapple juice because that will only dry you up faster.

    Now, when you taste the pee, it will taste better.

    Remember that coffee or tea or beer will taste bad.


    Never ever drink one or more liters of water in one time! Atleast it will make you sick, and if it is water, it can even be fatal! And this is no joke. Do not do it!

    When you are drinking, you must wait and eat something salty too so your salt levels will stay as they should be. Besides, it won't get any faster through your system no matter how much you drink, so there is no hurry when drinking.

    IF you really want to make it go through your system faster, you then must start practicing some really long and hard sport, like cycling, because that is the only way to teach your body to process food and drinks faster.

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