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    Straight Female / 24

    My boyfriend, Ricky, and I live together with one of his friends, Jason. Jason's dad owns the house so he is also our landlord.

    We have not had to pay any rent in the last few months because I have been fucking Jason. Ricky has no clue about that and that I have just been keeping the money to myself. Jason agreed that I would keep the money as long as I make him cum once a day.

    Jason usually waits for Ricky to leave for work in the morning, then he comes into our bedroom to get his daily fix before he leaves for work himself. Most of the time, it's just a bj or handjob as long as he cums but once in a while he would put his dick inside me. He says I'm now his "morning fuck". But if he didn't get it in the morning for whatever reason, he would usually get home early from work so Ricky wouldn't be around.

    I don't mind Jason since he is definitely better looking, has a nicer body and (much) bigger cock than my boyfriend. I just have remember to take my pill since he insists on no condom and has a habit of not pulling out. However, even though having the extra cash is great, I do feel very guilty about the infidelity.

    Jason is also a terrible friend for doing this to Ricky but no surprise there. He is normally a jerk anyway. I also don't want him to exploit this secret and "escalate" our deal, which I think he might try to do.

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    Escalate it from sex whenever he wants? How, by pimping you out?
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    Same as #1, I'm curious how you think Jason is going to escalate the deal. Do you think he'll bring along a friend for you to service in the morning alongside or at the same time as him?

    Rent your pussy, ass, or mouth out to others? Film your encounters to either blackmail you into something more extreme than your current arrangement or for commercial purposes?

    Or is there another scenario you're worried about?

    What is your whore rate, BTW? How much does a month of once daily bare access to your married c**t cost him? Unless it's somewhere north of $600, he's getting premium pussy for less than $20 per day, which puts you on the very low end of the whore scale. It takes $1,500 per month in rent release to get you to being a 50 buck fuck.

    Don't be shocked by the number if you haven't thought it through. You're no doubt getting your money up front, but Jason is claiming the service he's paying for over the course of a month. Ask yourself this: if Jason straight up offered you your whore rate every day - if he paid you your $20 or $50 daily as a "rebate" of the rent you paid - would you take it? Would you voluntarily be Jason's cheap daily whore if you got a few bucks every day instead of hiding away that chunk of rent money once a month? If it seems far too cheap a price for your dignity or marriage vows, consider getting a part time job to cover the money Jason "gives" you to fuck you stupid every day.
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    Ditto #2
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    He probably wants anal

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