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    Straight Female / 29

    I have been married to my husband for five years and I cheated on him for the first time yesterday.

    My car has been in the shop this week and my boss has been kind enough to give me rides to and from work since he lives just a few blocks away.

    I have always found him to be extremely attractive. Great looking guy, in very good shape, in his late 30s. However, I had never found a reason or opportunity to take this beyond anything but fantasy.

    But that changed yesterday. On our way to drop me off at home, I thanked him for chauffeuring me around this week and jokingly said something along the line "there is no way I can pay you back". I meant to be funny, and perhaps flirtatious, because this isn't unusual since that's how we talk to each other all the time at work.

    But then he pulled into the parking lot by the road and said I "can try", with a smirk. He put my hand in his crotch and I knew what he wanted.

    I unzipped his pants and took his cock out. It wasn't completely hard yet but it was definitely stiffing up. I could feel it getting harder and bigger in my mouth, he is definitely a "grower". As I expected, he's bigger than my husband. And, thicker too.

    It took him a good twenty minutes or so before he came. I swallowed everything and made sure none of it got on my shirt. Later that night, I could still taste him in my mouth when I sat down for dinner with my husband.

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    Would have been faster if you had spread your legs
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    Are you thinking about giving your boss any more physical affection? Did the sight of his bigger cock make your pussy drool? Are you tempted to suggest the pair of you work late so he can sample your other holes too? It didn't seem to take much beyond placing your hand on his junk to get you to going like a slut in heat.

    Have you been thinking a lot about how his cock would feel inside you for the last few days? Does getting away with it once make it more tempting to have either him or a different strange cock you've fantasized about pound your pussy?
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    Be careful. Once you have crossed the line a time or two hard to stop.
    Trust me, I'm 62 yr old female, I did about the same one evening after happy hour. The next day a number of guys in building knew. At first I was like on hell what have I done, then on the other hand knowing those other men now knew I gave great head and swallowed turned me on. I behaved for months after that then it started happening more often. 42 years later, I still try to stop. Hits out of the blue.
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    #6, I want to make sure I'm reading your comment correctly. Does "then it started happening more often" mean you tossed caution to the wind and started giving head to co-workers with some frequency? If it does, about how often do you shrug off the conventional morality and a get a taste of a strange cock?

    Oh, and did you get married before or during those 42 years? If you're single, feel free to blow the whole department every Friday. If you're married, I'll hope for little more discretion. And did you ever blow the first guy again? The one that let the cat out of the bag by telling everybody you give great head and swallow?

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