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    I wasnât the cheater but the young wife was. I knew this young wife when she was in high school. Iâm three years older than her. She was a chunky not well kept girl who was quiet at all activities. I really didnât know her well in school. She got a job where I worked after she finished college. She had been married 2 years and really had become an attractive woman. She was still strong built but had trimmed up to become very appealing. I could tell her ass was made for sex. After a few months we were getting more flirty. I had started patting her butt and progressed to groping it on occasions. She gained acceptance as I took things further. One day we were located only us I noticed the pants she had on showed her camel toe c**t. I told her I liked her pants and reached and started rubbing her. She let me stroke outside her pants a few seconds before she pushed my hand away. I could tell she liked it. For about a month I would hold her from behind, squeeze her tits, and rub between her legs whatever opportunity I had. She started letting me have long kisses when we could not be caught. I asked her to help me buy clothes at the mall that night and told her to meet me. I was surprised when she showed up alone. She got in my truck with me. After some small talk she let me start kissing her. I worked at getting her undressed. I had her tits out and was fingering her and she said it is time to stop. She got out and went home to her husband. I started telling Her at work I needed to feel what it is like to be inside her. I knew I had her charmed if I ever got the opportunity. She finally agreed to meet me at a motel. We undress and worked each other heavily. I was going down on her then I raised up to enter her. She asked me to stop but her body showed me different. She held her legs open as I entered her. I was embarrassed that I didnât last long before I came inside her. I kept going and gave her a better sex time and came inside her again. After we finished she told me she wasnât on birth control. We found out later she was already pregnant by her husband. I had sex with her for 2 years until I meet the woman I married. I have had sex with 7 different woman and the best pussy by far was the married young wife. It was hard to last long once inside of her.

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    She may had your baby
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    Pregnancy risk is the best sexist is

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