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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    When I broke up with my girlfriend nine months ago over our sexual non compatibility, I was having a morning masturbation session in my front room, when I looked up to see my sisters fiance Kevin looking down at me.
    I've always had a very high sex drive, so have masturbated a lot all my sexual life. My ex couldn't match my needs so we split up. It left me right hand shuffling a lot and Kevin walked in on me as I'd forgotten we'd arranged to go and play golf.
    Instead of walking away or saying how gross it was to see my large cock being tossed off, my sisters fiance walked over. got on his kneess taking my cock in his hands and lowered his head. I didn't think to stop him or change what was happening and let him suck in my dick.
    It felt utterly amazing after even the short time without a girlfriend, I just let him carry on and found myself bucking upwards to fuck his mouth. The more he sucked, the more I wanted him to and the more we got into sinc with each other. Soon I was fucking his mouth for real and couldn't stop myself as my orgasm built up. Telling him, I expected kevin to lift off and maybe jack my shaft to make me cum. He didn't, he kept on sucking until my cock exploded in his mouth and the guy I'd known for years swallowed my cum.
    Like it had never happened, he got up, wiped his mouth and told me to get ready. Within half an hour I was teeing off with Kevin stood nearby.
    Only as we approached the fifteenth, did we speak about what had happened. And even then it was Kevin telling me anytime I wanted to get my rocks off, knowing I wasn't with my ex, I could use his mouth, or his arsehole if I wanted it.
    Thinking about what he'd just said and how he'd sucked me off earlier, my cock stirred and I told him if he meant it, to suck me again, now.
    In the tree line just off the course, my long time friend, who I had no idea was bisexual, sucked on my cock again and this time insisted I at least try to fuck him.
    It didn't happen, fucking him that is, as we were disturbed. Yet once we'd finished playing, we drove back to mine and I entered the shower with a very eager brother in law to be. In one single day I lost my gay oral virginity, then lost my anal fucking virginity as I slid my cock up Kevin's tight arsehole.
    It wasn't easy like you see in porno's, yet after some time, my cock eventually slid up into him and he had me fuck him hard leaning against my shower wall.
    There was no foreplay that first time, nor was there any kissing or after play. I fucked my friend simply and honestly and loved every fucking minute of it. I'm not sure for how long I drilled that beautiful tight hole of his. What I do know, is he insisted on me cumming up his arse and that's precisely what I did.
    Two days later I was waiting for him in my home after a series of texts. And we spent the whole afternoon learning about one another's gay sexual likes and dislikes.
    I'm still fucking Kevin to this day, and only this morning fucked him in his car near to the beach we drove down to. I fucked him again at lunch time in the toilets of the bar we were in. And we had our final fuck just half an hour ago in my kitchen, whilst waiting for my sister to pick him up from my place.
    Nine months ago I was a straight guy who didn't know the first thing about gay sex. Now I can't stop fucking Kevin and love the fact he wants it just as much as I do.

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    God, I need a friend like Kevin.
    Someone to suck my cock and let me suck their cock....
    And fuck each other.
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