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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    The day Clifford climbed into my bed and slid his tongue along my ass crack, I should have screamed. It's not as though my parents wouldn't have heard me. The fact is, I didn't and my silence only encouraged the thirty two year old to begin to masturbate me and probe my asshole deeper and deeper with his hot tongue.
    Not really knowing the difference between sex with males and females, I didn't know when he moved up my body and asked me to lick the head of his growing penis, it was a gay act. I did just as he asked and instantly loved the feeling of his hardening manhood in my mouth. Once it became fully erect, I felt it pulsing on my tongue as he asked me to suck it as I would a lollipop.
    Suitably hard, he turned me right over and put my ankles on his broad hairy chest. Placing his cock head to my hole, he pushed in and made me cry out a little. The pain was there, but then so was a wonderful feeling I've now grown to understand and want more and more.
    Losing my virginity to him was special in so many ways. Firstly because he knew I was wanking by then and wanted that second step, whatever that meant. Secondly because it felt after only a short time, like my whole body was alive with sexual energy. And lastly, because of who it was.
    Four and half years ago my uncle entered my body anally, and hasn't stopped fucking me ever since.
    We're lovers in the true sense of the word and we have amazing sex still to this day, every single time we get together. It's not as much as we'd both like, yet soon enough we'll be able to live together and from then on, I promise, I'll be everything he wants me to be, and much much more.

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    I'd been with other boys through half of my adolescence. Now in my teens I was lucky enough to be seduced by my first man lover. His expertise with his tongue made me want him in every possible way. I was totally relaxed when he penetrated me. His cock larger than what I was used to probed my tight well shaped cheeks till it's blunt well lubed penetrated. With a sharp pain he pushed past my sphincter bouncing rhythmically off my love nut sending me into a wonderful spasming as I came as he did.

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