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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I caught up with an old school friend yesterday who I hadn't seen since we left school over a decade ago. We got to talking about times past & were happily reminising only to be interrupted by his 17 year old son.

    Now I'd had a small crush on my friend growing up & seeing his son brought all those memories. His son mentioned my old school nickname 'wedgie king' as I could wedgie anyone no matter what type of underwear, male or female. While his father went to pay he mumbled that I couldn't wedgie him, I boasted if he's wearing pants I could get them up his ass.

    He invited me back to their house on the premise of looking at some old school photos his father had. When he came down to join us his underwear was very visible making it obvious what he was suggesting.

    I did successfully wedgie him that night, I also recieved a special trophy for my success

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