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    Straight Female / 46

    I guess this is like the Good the Bad and the Ugly.

    The Good. I was born into an upper middle class household, three brothers and sisters, professional parents, good schools, the whole white upper class experience. Life was good all around and I went on to a really nice private university where I graduated with honors.

    The Bad. I was a goodie two shoes in high school, never smoked or drank anything and no one ever got in my pants. I got felt up a couple of times, but noting beyond second base and I never touched a cock.

    The UGLY. I met a girl in college. She and I became friends and we stuck together and most everyone saw us a unit. One day we went with some friends to this lake that was an hour away from campus and took some grills and hot dogs and stuff and had a picnic by the lake. After the picnic we laid out some blankets on the ground and she was sitting on her legs and when I sat down she offered her lap for me to rest my head. While we talked she caressed my face and right there in front of our friends she leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips. No one said anything and I said nothing hoping no one had seen that. It was my first kiss from her and it was public. Of course the other kids saw it and said nothing. In our day girls kissing was not an open thing but still no one said anything.

    After we got back to our dorm, everyone lived in a dorm at our university, she said nothing about the kiss. It was like nothing happened, except my insides were exploding and it hurt that she wasn't following up. I had never felt anything like that, rejection. When we got ready for bed I stood in my underwear in front of her, six inches in front of her, I put my pussy in her face, I was already sweating so profusely and I could smell myself. I felt like screaming to her to grab me and put her face in my pussy. Finally I just lost it and grabbed her head and shoved into my pussy, she fought back and asked me what the hell was I doing? I told her she kissed me and I wanted to be kissed and fucked by her, to just do it. She yelled at me and told me she wasn't some freak queer.

    What about the kiss?

    I broke down and cried on my bed and apologized. I laid back on my bed and let my legs fall open, I had my underwear on, and I said eat me. She didn't, I took my panties off and opened my legs again and said something like 'eat me bitch'. She answered with what did you just say and I said again loud and clear 'eat me bitch, eat my fucking pussy'. And she did. And she ate me, she couldn't quit. When she finally got her head up she told me she wasn't my bitch. That night I ate her pussy and fingered her and we were totally naked together and we had complete sex and I told her she was my bitch so get used to it.

    After that we had our roles and we both carried out our roles, she was the bitch and I was the dominant one and I ate her pussy at will and she ate my pussy when I wanted her to and I grabbed tits and kissed her and shoved my tongue down her throat and got on her ground my clit into her and demanded that she call me ma'am when I was fucking her and she could only refer to herself as bitch. I got her nipples pierced and had a gold chain hung between her nipples, I bought a dog collar at PetSmart and put it on her with a leash, I put my tongue up her asshole, in public she had to call me ma'am and she had to let herself get kissed and I kissed her everywhere we went. We were the first openly gay couple on campus. We got expelled. The year was 1983 and we were 20 years old.

    Without a college degree, gone crazy into the gay underground, leashed and bitched, we got jobs working as clerks in a record store and an erotic paraphernalia store and I took home on discount a variety of tools of the trade. I never uses a strap on, but I fucked her with various life imitating art dildos. We were the crazy ones. But we were both pretty girls from upper middle class backgrounds and we liked nice clothes and making ourselves up, we both had nice jewelry and we had manners and stuff. We led double lives, our parents providing us with support for our deviant lifestyle.

    The Good again.

    Then I got fucked. I was 23. I got fucked by this lawyer. I was drunk enough and he was drunk enough and he pushed me against door and we fell into the laundry room and he fucked me over the washing machine. It was my first fuck and it turned out to be a moment when I was very fertile. I found myself on the other end of the leash, kept in an apartment for his pleasure, to cook and clean and have his babies and serving him hand and foot. I crawled for him, cried for him, kissed the ground he walked on, I gave up my ass to him, I sucked him until he couldn't cum anymore, I dressed for him, I became a little miss moppet for him, I was cock crazy and didn't let anyone else serve him. That was my job.

    And my girlfriend found herself out in the cold. She eventually met a guy and married him and had a couple of kids for him. But she ran the house and the money and he worked to support her. Our roles turned upside down and she told me that he fucked her the way she wanted, she kept it away from him until he was on his knees asking for pussy. Maybe true maybe not true but that is what she said and when they were together she had the leash in her hand.

    You don't know how you are going to turn out, because you are a wild one in college doesn't mean that you won't be a model mom and wife, because you are a little miss moppet growing up doesn't mean that you won't hold the leash in your hand. Did we ever kiss again? A couple of times but it just died away. We grew up to be cock worshippers, it just feels so good to get fucked by a cock, no offense to lesbians. I know what we did when we were playing games, but I can't really remember ever having the feeling I get when I pull my husband down on top of me and I am not a young woman anymore.

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