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    Gay Male / 45

    Excuse me for telling a story of a long time ago.

    I was working my way through college and got a summer job working for a delivery company. I was assigned to a guy who drove the truck, his name was Arnoldo and he was Mexican or Central American, about 45 with lots of body hair and beard and a beer belly and he smoked and he kept touching me. One afternoon after a delivery he took my face in his hand and he kissed me on the mouth and told me he wanted me to suck his cock. I was twenty and he was much stronger than me and he pushed my head down until I had my face in his pants and he told me to get his cock out and suck it.

    I had never touched a cock or even looked at one up close. His cock was dark brown, almost black and thick and his foreskin was covering the head of his cock but as his cock got hard the head stuck out, red and shinny and he got it in my mouth and I had to suck his cock while he drove his cock in my mouth holding my head down by the neck. Then he shot his load, in my mouth, on my face, in my hair and he laughed at me and he told me he was going to fuck me. He pushed me back up against the window of the truck and told me to get out my cock and he bent over and sucked me and jerked me off. He kissed me again, several times telling me I was his and he was going to fuck me and he couldn't wait.

    We didn't go back to the shop, we went to this neighborhood I had never been to and he parked the truck and took me into his apartment in back of this house. He grabbed me and kept telling me he was going to fuck me and kept grabbing at my belt buckle. I had to help him get it open and he got my pants down a I had to sit and take off my shoes and he pulled my pants off he stood over me with his big black cock. He lifted my legs and spit in his hand and rubbed the spit on my asshole and got on me and shoved it in, it hurt and burned and felt like it was never going to end, but he got his cock all the way in and then he started fucking me. From time to time he bent over lifted my head and kissed my mouth. When he was done fucking me and filled my ass with his cum he laid on me for a minute but I couldn't breathe and then he got off and told me to get my cock hard for him and he jerked me off again and sucked my cock until I shot my load in his mouth.

    That was my first time, I was scared but not scared, I was disgusted but sucked his cock and didn't stop even when he pulled my head away, I wanted him to fuck me hard, to keep shoving it in. I loved sucking his cock in the truck, I loved going to his place and getting fucked. I loved how he sucked me and jerked me off. And I loved being kissed. I was queer but didn't know it. Arnoldo was my first and I think about him a lot now that I am his age when he showed me the ropes.

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