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    Straight Female / 29

    I never told this to anybody but the day I found out my husband had cheated on me with a woman at his office I was so angry that I went straight to his brother’s apartment with every intention of having sex with him.

    I knew his brother liked me because I had caught him many times looking at my ass. I knew he wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to fuck me and I wasn’t wrong. I just went in there and I told him that his brother had cheated on me, I just said I was so furious that I was capable of doing anything to get back at him

    He got the hint immediately, thats really all I said. He went to kiss me, I kissed him back and he went straight to pull my panties down from under my dress. He grabbed me and fucked me right there on top of his living room sofa.

    I was angry so for anybody who has had angry sex in the past you can imagine it was rough hardcore sex. I liked the sex, Im not going to lie but deep inside I just wanted to get back at my husband and humiliate him by being his brother’s whore.

    We probably had sex for about half and hour. He fucked me in every position you can imagine all over his living room's furniture and I gave him oral sex two or three times in between. Since we didnt use a condom, at the end when I felt his was about to cum, I gave him oral sex one more time and let him cum in my mouth because I remember thinking that the last thing I needed was to get pregnant.

    We didnt say much after he finished. We just laid there catching our breath for a while, we were both naked. I think I sensed that he was feeling bad for having fucked his brother’s wife. I wasn’t feeling bad, I was still angry, I left right after that.

    The funny thing is my husband had found out I knew about his cheating and he did everything you can imagine so I would forgive him. I was prepared to throw it in his face that I had fucked his brother but the way things happened I decided that maybe it was better to keep the secret.

    Things didnt get completely resolved for a while but my husband made many amends and I decided to forgive him because even when he never knew I had done the same thing to him.

    He never found out what I did that afternoon out of anger, and of course his brother kept the secret as well.

    My brother in law and I never did anything again. We briefly spoke about it once and he basically said he understood what I was going through at that moment and then he added that he liked it a lot and smiled. I smiled too, I had sucked this guy's cock and made him orgasm in my mouth, yeah I was pretty sure he liked it a lot! but there was nothing we could do to erase what happened. I thanked him for his discretion and we left it at that.

    I dont think I will ever tell my husband, I dont think there would be a point tell him now but I just wanted to confess I did it, I fucked his brother out of revenge that day... and he said he liked it!... a lot! lol

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    no harm no foul as they say... yeah I agree there is no point in telling your husband now, maybe it was for the better because you were more open to forgive him because you had fucked somebody else too
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    Hey sweetie. I read your story. Your husband cheated and you cheated too. You two are fucking whore. Some people say cheating is bad but they said they loved it. What you feeling now? So you think you can try some other cocks inside your married pussy? How did you get your brother in law cock? Whose cock is better inside your pussy? Whose cock is bigger? Your husband or your brother in law?
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    I think you just found a great excuse to be whore... there is no rule that says if you get cheated upon you must cheat too... that was all you, you wanted to fuck his brother and you did it, you probably wanted to fuck him even before you found out about your husband.

    Nothing wrong with that, if you wanted to fuck him, you did it, you liked it and good for you. Just dont put excuses for your whoring, you fucked him because you wanted to

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