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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    Some years ago, myself and an old school friend were having a drink at our new home, when my wife was away for the weekend watching a show with her girlfriends.
    Things got a little raunchy in the video we were watching and before I knew it, my friend had his cock out and was stroking it. We'd drunk a fair bit by then, so maybe the drink or just me being horny seeing the movie and my friends dick, I decided to do the same. No sooner had I got my cock out, he leaned over, sucked in my dick and began to give me an amazing blow job.
    After quite a long slow fabulous blow job, he pulled off my cock, told me he wanted me to fuck him and subsequently stripped off. By then I would have fucked my gran, so as he presented his rear hole to me, and not even using anything to make his hole slippery other than saliva, I slid my cock into his arse from behind.
    I'm thirty three now, but was thirty when I fucked him. And that fuck was I have to say, the best fuck I've ever had. That and the following sex we had during the rest of the night was simply awesome, and I did things with him, I never believed I would with a female, let alone another guy.
    We kissed, tossed each other off, rimmed each other. I fucked him in as many positions as I'd ever fucked anyone and then as if my cock didn't know when to stop, I fucked him again and again. I even licked and sucked out my cum from his fucked hole and fed it to him as we kissed in the shower.
    Waking up the next morning sober and fully realising we'd had sex, I fucked him again, waking him up with my cock sliding up his arsehole in the spoons position.
    Showering again, we had breakfast, then he sucked on my dick for ages until he had me fuck him over the breakfast bar stool. By the time I'd cum up his arsehole, his cock had already blown and I watched him with my watery cum leaking out his arse, licking up his own cum from the stools seat.
    Taking him on a tour of the area, he kept on hinting his arsehole wanted fucking again, but my brain was saying we shouldn't in public. Nevertheless in an underground car park with people walking past and parking nearby, I first tongued his arsehole, then fucked him in a 'quickie' spunking up his hole just before some female shoppers got in the car next to us.
    My friend left that evening to travel back to his home. We planned on him visiting again as soon as possible, but his job meant he was placed overseas for some time.
    He visited again last week and is going to be around for the next few months. After he left last time and I'd thought long and hard about it, I told myself I'd not cheat on my wife again, and I haven't. But with him visiting again, my lust for his mouth and arsehole has grown each day.
    Then only two days ago, my wife told me she was going down to see her parents soon and if I wanted to, I could and should invite C to stay over. When she said it, she smiled at me and put a finger into her mouth and then out quickly, making a popping sound. I knew what she meant by it, as it's her way of indicating a blow job and I also now figure she's known all along we'd had sex. I didn't know how she'd know, but I think my wife understands we're probably going to be fucking again, and she's just kind of given her permission to do so.

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