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    Straight Female / 31

    My husband Brad wanted me to and gave me the go ahead to have sex with other men. At first he wanted to be present, and on the four times he was, I had really rough and very engaging oral, vaginal and anal sex with different men.
    It was entirely different to the type of sex I had with Brad, and I found I loved being dominated that way. Another bi product if you like, was having Brad tongue me out afterwards, or on one occasion actually licking my pussy as my asshole was being fucked.

    On the fifth occasion, I told Brad he had to wait outside and I'd give him permission to enter only when we'd finished having sex. This was the trend setter and it's been that way since. Only Brad stays at home these days and I have sex at a motel, or at the men's homes.

    I'm a good looking woman who loves to stay fit and healthy. So its no problem finding willing men to have sex with me. In all but two cases, I've let them know I'm married and that my husband likes me to fuck other men. Usually bars, cafe's, sometimes work and generally when I'm out and about, is when and where I hit on men and give them the come on, especially when I see them checking me out.

    In total since I've been released from my marital vows, I've had sex with eleven different men, with three of those now becoming regular sex partners. Each and every time I have an afternoon of debauched hard sex, I let my husband know and he's always waiting to give me the tonguing I now know is the seat of his true desire.

    Often I'm still sat on his face with no cum juice left for him to lick and suck out of my love holes. Yet he stays there until I allow him to cum. And if he's been a good boy, I might sometimes allow him to fuck me. Sometimes.

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    I fuck other men in presence of my hubby. In response, I allow him to fuck other women in presence of me. This is our mutual arrangement after spending in our marriage for about 25 yrs. But we are yet to pan any 3- or 4-some sex. But in every case after we have finished, we have very engaging sex together.
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    He gave you permission you should at the least fuck him good all the time to thank him for the awesome fulfilling sex you are able to have. Reward him often.

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