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    Gay Male / 23

    I walked in on my boss at the urinal. There is an written rule about bothering him in the men's room. I had to push through and took my place next to him, at the kid's urinal. And nothing happened, I froze up. He looked over and asked what my problem was and then went into a whole thing about the Navy and pissing on board, showering on board. He looked and shook his head, called me "small fry". I was humiliated.

    He came up behind me when I was getting a drink order ready and he passed his hand across my ass. When I was getting ready to leave he asked me if I had ever thought of the Navy, where men were men and the small fry were scared. I left and he followed me to the subway stop and offered me a ride. In the car his hand was on my knee, he escorted me into his apartment, he stopped me and asked if he could kiss my teeny weeny.

    He let Mr. Wonderful out and asked if I wanted to get personal. I put MR. WONDERFUL in my mouth and showed him why I was his for the night.

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    So you're saying you are one lucky bastard, although you my just now be realizing it.
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    You sound and talk like a silly little bitch

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