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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I worked as a bookkeeper for the utility in our city and retired after 30 years. After retirement I set up a small bookkeeping shop, I also became a notary, and did small EZ tax returns for older folks in town (I never charged for these as I felt it is an honor to help my fellow seniors). My wife died after I retired, a simple case that went horribly wrong, and I have been alone for these last seven years. I get lonely and I have wandered off and found company in all the wrong places on the internet.

    You see, I have always had a dark side of me that looked for physical satisfaction with other men. I just have this desire to touch a man and perform oral sex on him. I have at times, mostly when I was younger let a man perform sex on me. I enjoyed that.

    My dark side started when I was quite young, growing up as I did on a farm in Louisiana around men who worked the farms, some of them liked the company of younger men, some quite young and I found that I liked it. I fought it, especially on Sundays when I felt quite guilty, but I enjoyed it more and the word got around that I liked it and I was never at a loss for a man who was looking for that kind of sex. At that time I allowed men to have sex with me more than later on as I got older.

    My job was quiet, I worked in an office downtown and from time to time I stayed in town to work late, but really I took the time frequent a couple of bars I knew, bars where men went to meet other men. As I grew older I had to change my ways and seek out the younger men, much as I had been hit on when I was that age. From time to time, not very often I met a man more my age which I much prefer.

    So loneliness leads to finding company and I found it on the internet, setting up dates and meeting in public places, movie theaters in the afternoon, or at the food court in the mall, or walking down the gardening isle at Walmart, always wearing a specific shirt so that I would be recognized and when we met up we talked and if we liked each other we left to their place or mine. That is until that internet site was closed down.

    Since then it is a lot harder to meet a man. I try several dating for seniors sites, but those are not as reliable as men want to have a relationship and I am looking for to pass the time. However I do from time to time meet a man who just wants to have sex and move on. The last man I met is a preacher who was in town on a mission trip with a bunch of kids and wanted company at his motel room. My first preacher I must add. Really he was quite a sordid one, wanting to do this and that but I kept it to what I like, giving him a blow job and that it.

    I found one site which is from Mexico and believe it or not I got on a chat with this fellow and he was coming this way and he extended the weekend and we had a grand old time for two long days. He was more than happy to give me the once over, it had been a long time since I had real one and not had to depend on one of my rubber buddies for fun. I forgot just how much I enjoy a hard one up my ass. He knew what he was doing to and as I said we had a grand old time. We agreed to meet again on his next trip. That's the good news I wanted to talk about. I just want to squeal like a pig.

    Well guys, I presume that my readers are all guys who enjoy time with each other, that is all for tonight. Wish you luck out there.

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    Yeah, when Craiglist shut down that section and backpage went away, quick meetings became harder. Have a look at DoubleList. It works the same way as the other two did.
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    Go down to your nearest public toilet at around midnight, I am pretty sure your mouth and asshole will find the attention you require. Good luck.
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    I feel sorry for you that you have lost your wife, I can't begin to imagine your pain. Hopefully in time you will find yourself in a situation that gives you sexual satisfaction with a caring person.

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