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    As a teacher in a rural school district you see lots of poverty. You also see kids whose father took a hike and abandoned them. I had one of those girls in my class. Her mother worked as a waitress and she wasn't home after school. The girl was in the seventh grade and I told her she could go home with me until her mom got home. Her mom started going out after work and the girl slept at my place. I clothed her, fed her, medicated her. I saw her mom every so often. She was glad she was free of her daughter.

    Slowly the girl got more and more affectionate, she thrust her chest into me, rubbing herself, she came and got in bed with me. She undressed in front of me, nothing I said made much difference. She moved into my bed and I held her, kissed her, caressed her, including her breasts and bottom. She surrendered to my caresses and soon I was pressing my erection against her. I came on her back, her thighs, her belly. I eventually lost all control and penetrated her.

    No one said anything, in fact I was encouraged to adopt her. If anyone had thoughts of her lying naked beside me no one said a thing. Her schoolwork was excellent, an A student. I fell in love with her.

    She graduated and was awarded a full ride scholarship to college. Again she graduated with honors and earned a position with a multinational corporation. She is 26 now, mature for her age, self aware, poised. What a woman she has grown up to be. When she comes to visit, she crawls in bed with me, I caress her, kiss her, push her panties off and crawl between her legs and thrust myself into her to completion. We then sleep in a tight spoon with her body under mine.

    It's i****t in every way but one.

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    You did build her up to a established career while taking care of her sexuality. You did also have satisfaction in it, as I understand from your post. If I were you, I would have spent whole of my life with her. Think about it.

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