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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18


    Spe nt last week at a friend of families condo at S.C. beach.

    Me and a girl friend. We knew we were going to get into mischief, that was the plan.

    Flirt, flash, be sexy and maybe seduce some older men. For fun time, why not.

    Well didn't take long to get hit on. We were at pool and some guys down for golfing week got to talking with us.

    Next thing they were in our condo and me and Hanna were getting felt up, sitting on laps etc. quick.

    Hanna was against wall getting her boobs sucked, then next thing I know gone to bed room.

    My guy asked if I was a virgin, I told him no but have only done it with my boy friend.

    He asked if older guy would be alright, I told him lets find out.

    Nice guy, late 40's, handsome, fit, gorgeous cock. Big.

    To summarize week: we did it most of the day till around 4pm. Then switched guys. It was awesome.

    They came back later that evening and we did it till late. I was thinking I have got a handle on this.

    Next two days others from their club were coming by, and yes we did.

    Then we met some guys on the beach, got invited inside to cool off.

    I was so horny I was being forward.

    The last two nights, Thursday and Friday, was totally amazing. I have experienced everything I have seen on porn sites.

    But there is a problem. I'm home now and not much happening. I'm so horny and so is Hanna.

    I seduced a friend of mines dad yesterday. He told me he has been wanting to get in my a** for 5 years.

    I f****d him like he never has been before.

    I hope this drive I have now dwindles away, I can hardy think of anything else.

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    where you live it, this black guy would love to come back and help you out, bet you taste good too.
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    I am single, 30 yo, live alone. Yes, I do seduce, no, get friendly with well-to-do mature/older men. I could realize who is safer after talking for few hours about family and sex or may be meeting several days over a week in the park or coffee shop. Don't get me wrong - I am no slut or hooker. But at my age I do get too much horny and need good fuck. We go to his place or often to mine and have abandoned sex - fucking till we get tired. I particularly love them eating my pussy well and massaging my boobs. No anal or bdsm! I keep a short list of men's cell phone numbers who are good fucker - it is quite rewarding for me for later sessions with them.
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    Yep, right there with you lately. Mine hasn't calmed down. But I've switched to mainly mutual masturbation with different men. It's safer and I don't feel as guilty

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