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    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    My partner and I got married and bought a house. Six weeks there and our side fence blew down in a storm. Our neighbor came over and said the previous owner had built the fence so it was on our nickel. Not having any experience in the matter we contracted a 'lesbian' contractor to build the fence. Our neighbor told us to stick with Home Depot, no lesbos. I told him I was a lesbo, he said sure but your normal looking, not like that lesbo who we hired to fix the fence.

    We had other run ins with him, a party for lesbos, a Pride flag during Gay Pride week, and of course our lesbo displays of affection in front of him. He pulled me away from my wife. He was jealous. A dirty old man jealous of his lesbo neighbor.

    Time passed, we invited him to dinner, sat for his dog, even went over to give him proper lessons on laundry. No we didn't do his laundry, we taught him how to do it. When his hands got on me I pushed them off, but I put my hands on him, his arm, his shoulder, that sort of thing. My wife reminded me to be careful, but his hands and his eyes had me where he wanted me, thinking of him. I told my wife I wanted to see what it was like, what was the harm, he is an old man, just one time. Don't do that, don't get hurt, she reminded me.

    We don't have an open marriage, but she said if I was going to be stupid, then really be stupid. I started touching, kissing, doing his laundry and he kept asking me what the hell. I said to him straight up, no pun intended, give me a try I was sure he was going to want me again and again. His effort was half hearted, just enough for a lesbo. I said Do it right, prove a man can fuck the lesbo out of me. He got more enthusiastic, but he wanted more woman, pre and post sex. I gave him my all woman treatment and he gave me his all man treatment. I was hooked.

    My wife put up with it for a while, then put her foot down, I told him lesbos can't change, gave him my all woman treatment and kissed him one last time, took my toys and went home to my wife and let her know it was over. Until she got tired of my mopping and sent me back to where I wanted to be. He took me back, I told him I wasn't going to be a lesbo any more and I was going to be all woman for him. But I am married, I have a mortgage, and lesbos don't change.

    So I am a switch hitter, his and hers. All woman on Sunday, all bitch on Monday.

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