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    Straight Female / 44

    Throughout my marriage I always wanted to try and encouraged my husband often, to enter my arsehole during sex. He did take me anally once and I loved it, orgasming multiple times. Yet he hated it and wouldn't ever fuck my rear hole again.

    My husband passed away a little over two years ago.

    Around the middle of March this year, I met and began dating a very sexually active much younger guy. Within a couple of weeks our sex life was amazing and we were having all types of sex, including for me, mind blowing anal sex.
    May rolls along and I'm entertaining my young lover at home. We've already had over two hours of wonderful sex and I've sucked his long thick cock back to life. Naked and sprawled across my coffee table, my young lover thrusts into my arsehole and begins to fuck me really hard.

    Building up to yet another orgasm with his cock pounding me relentlessly, we both saw the living room door open and in walks my twenty year old son. Just as he does, I have an almighty climax and my lover plunges into me once more and cums deep up my arsehole. And all of this was seen only a few feet away by my son, who stood with his mouth agape and struggling to say something.

    When he does say something, he says "So this is what you meant by fucking a MILF". I'm about to begin saying sorry for him finding me that way, when I realise he's not talking to me (MILF).

    Oliver is my sons boyfriend (Yes my sons' gay) and his on off bisexual sex partner just so happens to be the young guy who's cock was sliding out of my arsehole, dripping his cum on our lounge carpet as he did.
    Totally and utterly embarrassed, I tried to make my excuses, but my son tells us both we're "Fucking horrible bastards for cheating on me this way".

    The fact is I had no idea Oliver was his boyfriend and I would never have had sex with him, if I'd known. Having said that, I fully understood when my son had told me in the recent past, just how happy his 'fella' made him feel and how amazing he was in bed.

    My son and I have just begun speaking again. I'm not seeing Oliver anymore, yet I am having sex with a younger man. He's just as keen to fuck my arsehole, and if anything fucks me even harder than Oliver did.

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    Hopefully the one who fuck your ass is your son.
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    If your son has come back around and started fucking your ass in Oliver's place, what are the chances of him and Oliver double teaming you?

    And just curious, did Oliver know you were his boyfriend's mother? Was it his happy secret to be fucking both mother and son?

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