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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I keep myself in good shape, mildly muscular still at my age. I am thin, have a smooth body and have been married since I was 22. About 12 years ago the ED started and the pills around did the trick. After about 4 years the pills stopped working. Went to the doc and didn't want pumps or hydraulics nor did I want to stick a needle in my cock. The wifes' wants waned many years ago and she was willing just to help me and take care of me. So that wasn't an issue, I could barely jack off and I still needed sex, but I had a limp cock.

    5 years ago I let a younger man, married of 45 fuck me. He was my second, the first was another boy who took advantage of me when I was 15, he had a very small cock and it only lasted the month he was visiting from out of town. This mans cock wasn't tiny at all. It was 9" long about an inch and a half thick. He took his time, worked into me slowly and fucked me, depositing his sperm inside my very willing ass. It felt so good to finally have sex again, to be naked with another person, even though it was another man. I just needed the contact, the nudity, the atmosphere of sex. It was pretty easy to jack off with his cock moving in and out of me. I didn't tell him about the incident when I was 15 so he thought he was my first, and I was tight enough for anyone to believe it.

    I found myself calling him the next day and was disappointed when he would only meet me in another 3 days. This time we had a suite in a very upscale hotel, on a high floor looking over a beautiful cityscape. Floor to ceiling dr**es were opened, and he insisted we both get naked and walk around naked with anyone seeing through the windows, he even had room service bring up some wine and cheese insisting that I accept the order naked. He put on a robe, sat on the end of the bed and I kneeled at his instructions and proceeded to suck his cock. In the middle of sucking him the room service arrived. He pulled the robe across his cock and insisted I answer naked. There was an obviously gay young man bringing up the cart. It was very obvious that I had been sucking my friends cock. Afterward I resumed and got my first load ever in my mouth. After he recouped he fucked me twice before we left the suite. The first time was bent over a table in front of the windows, and the second was in bed with me on my back.

    He and I fucked as much as he would, he had to satisfy his wife as well, many times I sucked his cock reeking of his wifes pussy juice. I love pussy so I didn't mind. Eventually, without his knowledge I met another gay man, closer to my age and was getting fucked by him any and every day I wanted. I know had two cocks fucking me. In the 5 years since I first turned to other men for sex I have now been fucked by 18 cocks. The best is Tony, he has the most incredible cock it literally is the size of 2 soda cans stacked on top of each other. He fucks me raw everytime. I have told my wife, well after she found out by seeing my butthole after 4 years of being fucked silly. She is okay with it after some explanation, and I have found a whole new sex life with a limp cock.

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    limp here also...all i have done is suck men off...would love to try getting fucked thou

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