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    Lesbian Female / 30

    I am the eldest of eight children, four female and four male, in that order. Being the eldest, and this applies to my sister’s as well going down the line, we had mom duties with our younger siblings. I don’t want to sound weird but when I was in my teens with my baby brother I tried to nurse him, but was dry as a bone for obvious reasons. I still liked having him suck on my tit.
    I went to college at a mostly all women’s school and I was assigned a roommate from Kentucky, nice girl with good values and all, but an only child. She had a hard time understanding my homesickness and separation from my sisters and younger brothers. I was homesick, like sick and stayed in my room. She mothered me, or babied me, depending on how you want to look at it and I got the urge to nurse on her, suck her tits. It wasn’t a tiny urge, it was a great big urge, and when she touched me I got this urge for her to put her hand on my pussy. And while I am confessing I wanted to kiss her too.
    First came the kiss, and quickly before she could get away latching onto her tit like my brother latched onto my tit when I pretend nursed him. She said it hurt and to stop but I had her tit in my mouth and I wasn’t going to let go, not till she spoke to me in that mom type voice. When she stopped me she was leaning over me of course and she had her hand on my stomach and my pussy was crying, sweating, just begging to be grabbed that I moved her hand down until she had her hand on my pussy. She then let me suck on her tit again, but this time she held my head and kept her hand between my legs.
    She was a gay girl and that is why she went to that school because it was famous for all the gay girls that went there. And it was our luck to be thrown together and she knew what to do and we were soon cuddling naked in bed and making love at all hours of the night. It turned out that I was the instigator and she was the receptor and she let me instigate. I learned that I liked pussy and she liked having me like her pussy. I mean, we were both gay, we were just learning about each other and it seemed that pussy was the place to be, hers and mine. Of course I liked sucking her tits and kissing with her but what I am saying is that once the heat was on you go down and down and down.
    Being the eldest my mother had plans for me, marrying a lawyer or doctor and settling down with eight kids. It was a huge disappointment to her when I told her that I might marry a doctor or lawyer, but it was going to be a female doctor or lawyer, but most probably a female girl that wasn’t a doctor or lawyer. I sat at the kitchen table and promised her that I would still have kids, maybe not eight, maybe four.
    My path has led me to this woman who likes kids and we settled on two apiece and we live one block from my mom. The father of our kids is anonymous, but not to us. It’s donor sperm, but we know him and he agreed to be the man in the equation. Of all of my mom’s kids I am the only gay one, one out of eight.

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