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    At 22 I had to drop out of college and get a job. A man I knew who fixed musical instruments old me to go see his friend who worked at a large hotel. He gave me a job as a night clerk. The night manager was nice and taught me my job, I caught on fast and the night auditor asked me to help him. I got a raise and was the assistant night auditor and back up night desk clerk.

    Then one night I went to the men's room, I went to the men's room near the back entrance because I needed to take a shit. In the other stall were four shoes, I recognized them, they were dead silent, I sat there seeing who would leave first, took my shit, wiped and flushed, but didn't move. I listened and the breathing was obvious, the shoes barely moved, my dick was so hard, I couldn't help it. Finally I caved, I got up and left. What I never though of was that my shoes also gave me away. I had tripped on my boss with the night security guard. My boss kept to himself. Our relationship was formal but no longer personal. The security guard kept his distance too. My job sucked, I was frozen out.

    I made friends with the morning shift cook, a Mexican man in his forties. I wandered over to the kitchen and talked to him. Jose was nice, he did his set up and we talked. One night he asked me if I needed a radio, he wanted to sell his to buy another one. I went to his apartment to pick it up, he was in his briefs, nothing else. His dick was obvious and I couldn't help staring at it. We looked at the radio but he put his hand on mine. Putting the radio down he pulled me over to him and asked for a kiss. He took my hand and put it on his dick, he grabbed my head and kissed me. Like a zombie I let him walk me to his bed where he took his briefs off and got in the bed and asked me in. His dick was hard and I just looked at it while he undid my pants and pulled my pants down and sucked my dick. That afternoon I sucked his dick and he fucked me after greasing me up.

    The word got back to my boss, he had his turn with me, I got invited to a gang bang party and I sucked eight dicks, and got fucked twice. I was back in good graces, I was mainly Jose' but he shared me with my boss.

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