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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    This is a bit of a strange one, and one I'm not sure there are too many women who indulge, if that's the right word, in my sexual deviancy.
    Inviting a well endowed guy around for a threesome a few months ago, my husband Tony and he eventually got into a sixty nine at my insistence. I then had the guy fuck my husband, as I'd always wanted to see him take a cock up his gorgeous ass. Tony was so sceptical at first, yet once our guest began to fuck my husband, Tony began to really enjoy it. So much so, that when he came with the guy fucking him missionary, Tony's cum pumped so high and so much, it looked like a fountain of sperm.
    The morning after, with our guest sleeping and fucking with me alone, he admitted he'd loved fucking Tony. I made him promise to visit again, but Tony kind of backed out so it never happened. Or so I thought.
    Recently I've found out, they met on several occasions for sex, with my husband taking a rough fucking each time.
    It's over now their little gay affair, but I feel cheated. Not that my husband had sex behind my back, but because I was unable to watch him enjoying gay sex. I'm so into watching men fuck, that having my husband at the centre of it, makes me so sexually charged.
    The reason I now understand he had gay sex apart from me, is that he feels it makes him less of a man in my eyes. That could not be further from the truth and if anything I find him to more of a man by admitting his joy of receiving a damn good fucking.
    Tony doesn't know I know he had the brief affair, or that I'd love for him to enjoy that side of his sexuality again. And the reason for that, is his determination to have me see him as the powerhouse of our marriage. The fact is I do, yet I need to persuade him, without making him feel awkward, that seeing being fucked is such a huge turn on for me.
    Told you it was a strange one,and not a normal situation.

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    You made a big mistake for not making a deal with your husband before embarking upon 3-some sex, that is, Whatever happens it should be done in the presence of 3 participating persons. That is why you are feeling cheated and now there is no turning back as your hubby has the taste of gay sex! Only option is that now three of you should make an arrangement that as you enjoy watching gay sex scene you would be present whenever they have sex - even help them having sex, like lube their ass hole and cock, sucking on their nips etc. I'm too into watching men fuck that makes me so sexually charged. But on one condition they both would fuck me after their sessions.
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    Just talk to him and drop some hints as to how much you enjoyed it and would like to see it again.

    I was with a couple who thought they wanted to do this once but after one time when things actually happened realized their marriage couldn't handle it.
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    I love to have a woman watch me suck and be fucked, I would never deprive you of watching!

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