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    Straight Female / 26

    We were all eighth graders and we went to a birthday party at a lake house. After cake and ice cream we went to the dock to talk. I laid my head on my want to be boyfriend's lap. His penis got hard and I rolled my head over it, feeling his dick with my head. When we got up to go inside he was embarrassed to stand up, he had 'wet' his pants. This was all new to me, really new I had no idea what happened. He took his shirttail out and we went up to the house together.

    My 'innocence' was such that at home I told my shocked mother of rolling my head across his erection and how he wet his pants. That brought about my first sex talk, not biology which we got in the seventh grade, sex, a boys erection caused by my stimulation, and as to his wetting his pants I got my first talk about ejaculation, with an introduction to the commonly used words.

    It was many days before I talked to him again.

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