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    Straight Female / 35

    Ive been having an affair with the carpenter who is coming to my house to work on the kitchen cabinets and countertops. Long story short the carpenter is actually my husband's cousin, he decided to hire him because he wanted somebody whom he can trust to stay at home with me by ourselves and sometimes by himself in the house.

    He is an attractive man and he started flirting with me behind my husbands back as soon as he started working. I admit I liked feeling this attractive young man flirting with me, I just smiled and didnt stop his advances. Finally one day I was wearing skimpy clothes inside my house because I wanted to be comfortable. He just couldnt help himself any longer, he just kissed me, grabbed me and fucked me on top of the living room sofa... Im not going to lie, after he fucked me for 15 minutes I absolutely loved it! I wasn't taken sexually with such passion and strength by a man in such a long time

    He came back the next day and fucked my brains out once again, even better and dirtier than the day before. I knew at that moment that we were not going to stop, I didnt want to stop! From that day forward, its been an ongoing affair.

    He wants to have sex every day that he comes to the house, many times when he arrives in the mornings, before he even grabs a tool he is already hammering me on top of the kitchens table. Im not going to lie I love it too but many times I leave the house because I dont want him to get behind on his work

    My husband the other night actually asked me what did he did the entire day because he's been noticing the lack of progress in the kitchen. I told him I didnt know because I was in my room all day and didnt even pay attention to him. Yeah of course I wasn't going to tell him that his cousin didnt do anything because he fucked me at 8:30am, at 11am and once again at 3pm.

    I hope my husband doesn't suspect anything, Im very careful about everything in the house. I dont know whats going to happen when he finishes the kitchen though. I hope Im strong enough to just leave it as a kitchen renovation affair.

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    Be careful of hidden cameras should your hubby became suspicious!!!!!!
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    Donât get attached , just be a cum dump
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    You left out one hot thing.
    Are you fucking your husband at night after fucking his cousin all day?
    If so, do you like that?
    Assuming you are and you do, then realistically, you need to figure out a solution.
    Closing your eyes and thinking the cousin will disappear probably won't work.
    So you need to find some arrangement to keep both.
    Because it doesn't sound like you really want to give up either.
    And why should you?
    You're an attractive and desirable woman and have just discovered that you really like to be fucked and you are enjoying it to the fullest.
    Why should you give that up?
    You have what both want.
    Work it. Take charge.
    They'll both have to share together.
    Would they go for that?
    Sounds like you would.
    Would you?
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    WOW! the carpenter hammers your pussy almost everyday and you do love nailing by him. How old is he? Yes, your hubby does suspect you now!!
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    Have you served up sloppy seconds to your husband? Secretly humiliated him by feeding him his cousin's cum from your well fucked c**t?

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