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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    My manhood if we can call it that is not very impressive 4" and a bit, and currently secretly self locked in a CB6000s cage. Over the last few years I have developed an addiction to all things sissification and feminiseation. It started with BBC porn somewhere along the Tumblr line changed to trans porn and ended on me wanting to be taken, feminised and brainwashed into a thing made to service real men.

    All this despite being in a streight relationship for 5 years now. One that I feel I am doing all the work in, more out of obligation than love like I once had. I still feel sexually attracted to my girlfriend (even though she puts little effort into her apperance other than very specifict times), and she acts like she is too (Until its time to actually do anything) and even then I still do all the work, in truth its a relationship that has gone on for 5 years but has only had about six months worth of actual sex or sexual activites if even that. Honestly its more like I'm looking after a family member than in a relationship with her.

    Before meeting my current girlfriend I had a bad breakup, and decided to live one of my fantasies, so I met up with a guy I had been messageing and we went back to my house. There in my bedroom I gave his eight inch black cock all the attention it was needing. I wanted him to force me down and fuck my throat but thinking back on it I was serviceing his manhood and should have done that myself. At the end when he came I tried to pull away but thankfully he grabbed my head and held me there, forcing me to swallow the river of cum flowing into my mouth. I wish he and I had exchanged numbers but we both made it clear that at the time it was a one and dome thing. As he left he gave me a "Naughty boi" and that was the last I saw of him. I think back on that day offten, wishing I had done more.

    I have come to the realiseation in the last four or five months that If the opportunity for me to follow my fantasy arrises, I wouldnt be able to fight it. I would fully submit to it and them.

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