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    Gay Male / 29

    I took part in a Pride day recently, a couple I know invited me to go with them and a friend I travelled to their city to stay with them.

    I got there by train on the Friday night, they met me and we went back to one of their friends who was putting me up for the weekend.

    It was a fairly tame night as we all wanted to be in the best shape for the next day so they left leaving me with the guy putting me up for the weekend, when Jay the guy who I was staying with asked what outfit would I be wearing; whether I was dom or sub, was I a pup or just into the clothing.

    I was a bit shocked and chooked on my drink, until he explained they were all part of the local bdsm scene and figured I knew as I was invited to go with them and that they would all be kitted out for the day.

    He was a bit shocked that no one had told me but figured what the hell, they had enough between them that I could borrow.

    So they were all in bdsm, took part in regular meets and play with each other and no one thought to bring this up!

    I was a little pissed off and quite frankly was contemplating getting the next train home in the morning.

    So after a small rant, some hand gestures and walking probably a mile on his carpets I calmed down.

    Offering me another drink he started to explain everything, who he was what role he played and what the others enjoyed. He apologised and said he would have words with the others as this was not something you just spring on someone out of the blue.

    He had hoped I would play the submissive as he was a dom and needed a sub to complete the look.

    I asked if he could show me what he had that I could wear, not that I had commited to going.

    So he took me into his room and opened up one of the large cupboards, one side was lots of different outifts and the other side toys and accessories.

    My jaw had dropped, I'm not shy and I've played with toys but not like this, he ahd a whole part of his life dedicated to it.

    I was getting a little buzzed off the beer and was starting to enjoy myself when he said that it could be a onetime thing and a great memory to have.

    So I watched as he found what could fit as I was a couple of inches shorter and slightly thinner but not by much.

    He choose some leather trousers, a black sleeveless top and then asked about restraints and whether I wanted people to see my face.

    Considering everything and what he slowly showed me and explained I decided to try the leather hood and cuffs, with a leather chest to waist harness.

    So there I was with a guy I was just getting to know being dressed in leather and about to try the bondage gear on.

    The trousers needed a belt but were quite comfy when I got them on, they were soft but tight in the right areas. I noticed a zip that ran down the centre of my arse.

    The top fit okay and I was quite pleased with the look, I wasnt defined muscles but it didnt look wrong on me.

    So he showed me how the wrist cuffs went on, settled the harness before tighening the straps; the look was quite good.

    I was realising how much fun I was having, the booze getting to me probably helped me along.

    He showed me the hood he wanted me to wear, a heavy black lace up hood with belts and built in collar with D rings.

    I sat there a bit nervous as he pulled it over my head and settled it all into place; the laces being tightened until the hood felt like a second skin.

    I felt the collar being tightened and the two belts over the back being buckled into place.

    The eye wholes would take a bit of getting used to but overall I could see rather well.

    Asked how I was feeling and I said good but a little claustrophobic, I got a chuckle in response and told that tomorrow I would wear this with my black boots.

    Jay explained how to act, how to be around others and at no point to accept anyone else to be in control of me; to stay with him and we would all have a laugh. If at any point I was nervous I could ask for the gear to be off and just enjoy the day.

    So after just a bit of play, me being lead around on a lead, showing me how to kneel etc... the gear was off and I passed out on the couch.

    The following day was a bit of a weird start as we took turns in the shower, I took a bit of time to get myself rather clean incase I hooked up but then again going as someone sub meant I probably wouldnt.

    Jay helped me into the gear, this time adding a set of padlocks to the collar, hood and cuffs saying others would expect them and that he had keys with him.

    He dressed to impress, heavy black leather biker trousers, Doc Martins and a balck shirt.

    He had a black leather backpack with him that he said had essentials and some fun bits for us to play with.

    I was getting turned on by how strong he looked.

    It then shockingly dawned on me that I had to get to Pride first dressed like this, with a slap to my leather covered forehead I asked the dumbest question of how do we get there.

    I got a full on belly laugh, and then told the others are taking their car and we would be parking just a short walk away in another friens work yard. I grabbed my hoodie and pulled it on and the hood up for now.

    So meeting my friends who I had a few words with, their response was we didnt think you would come if you knew; youre a bit of a stick to what you know kind of guy and we need to loosen you up.

    I joked that I was in restraints, kind of the opposite of loosening up; so the drive there became back and forth banter whilst I thought over their outfits.

    Dave was dressed quite similar to Jay, except he had a muscle shirt on and a set of military styled boots.
    His partner Michael was dressed like a pup with a fucking dog like leathe rmask on.

    Talk turned to plans on what they were going to do after the parade and said they would head to their usual haunts, followed by a club later on.

    The parade was fucking brilliant, I walked alongside Jay as he held a lead pulling me slightly if I stepped out of pace; the atmosphere was euphoric with the people hyped up, the music was great and so much cheer going on.

    Eventua lly we ended up in a club, full of leather men taking part in very risky but fun times.

    Jay got asked a few times if I was available to play but he insisted that I was under his protection and still learning my place.

    To be honest I didnt fancy playing with a stranger anyway, towards the later part of the night Jay asked if I wanted to play with him.

    I gulped and knew full well what he meant and deciding that it couldnt hurt to find out, I nodded.

    He dragged me with him to a corridor and stairs, leading up to what he said were private rooms and that my friends had one already.

    In the room my friends were already playing as it were, with Michael tied to a frame being whipped.

    I said I didnt want to be whipped but wouldnt mind a bit of restraints and bondage.

    Jay smiled and said he would only do what I wanted.

    He pointed out a bondage frame that looked quite like a bench with leg supports.

    I laid over it with my hands holding onto the other legs, whilst my feet were lifted into the holders.

    I could feel betls being tightened and soon I was bent over at the waist, belts over my back holding me down as he clipped the buckles on my cuffs into the anchor points and then belted my elbows.

    Overall I was very secure, head forward, ass in the air like it was being presented.

    By this point Dave and Michael had stopped what they were doing and after Mike being untied they came over and admired me saying how good I looked.

    They went on how they thought me and Jay would get along, wondering if I had the guts to go through with it.

    So Jay then said what should we do next, as he layed his hand on my head and drummed his fingers like he wasa tapping away a tune.

    I offered my mouth and arse up to Jay, and over the next hour I was fucked sily by him as Dave and Michael fucked in front of me.

    I dont know if I am willing to do more of this again, but it will be a great memory.

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