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    Straight Male / 53

    For this I will call myself Bob. I have been married for forty years to Mary, who I met in college. During my career I have started and sold three companies and my net worth is in the tens of millions. My wife has been a clerk in the treasury department of a large company in our city. My issue is that now I find myself looking for attention and affection from strangers. My current fling is with a young woman who is the clerk at the Glidden counter at the paint store.

    I have been faithful my whole career, but in the last two years things with my wife have gone south. She decided to volunteer with the Womens Voting people and that's where it is all centered. The women that work there are all NOW, Feminist, or LGBT. They have brain washed her into believing that I have treated her bad, notwithstanding that she lives in a 10K sq ft home, drives a new Lexus and has all the clothes and jewelry that she could possible want. I will also add that she has traveled extensively and she is generous beyond reasonableness with her sister and her niece and nephew. Not from her measly salary.

    I met with one of her friends from the Women's voter crowd, a lawyer in her early sixties just like us and she was a number one bitch. She got on my case, over lunch no less, about how I mistreated my wife and I was misogynist and an anti feminist and an abuser of women. I told her in no uncertain words that she was a bitch and she could take a hike. The fight got loud and I asked her right there in the restaurant when the last time she got laid, if ever. So she was either a closet lesbian or a hard up bitch.

    All this was two years ago and my wife took her side and that's that. I found this girl at Starbucks one evening while my wife was out with her new friends, took her with me and fucked her. I bought her a car and kept on fucking her. I have no illusions as to why she lets me fuck her, she has a nice car, gets nice clothes, money in her pocket and she gets fucked, not like that bitch lawyer that my wife is hanging out with.

    I have this need, urge, to get this girl pregnant and bring her home with a nicely engorged belly and show her off to my wife. It is a fantasy, but I dream of it, I pump it all in her, I want her to toss out her pills and just get her ass pregnant. I can afford it, I can support her and several kids if I want. Right now I want her belly pregnant. At times I feel like taking her lawyer friend to the woods and fuck her tied to tree and leave her there with her pussy oozing cum for the ants. I know these are all fantasies and will probably not happen, I really can't see myself fucking that bitch's nasty hole. I can see myself getting my Glidden girl pregnant though, I will probably do that.

    I just can't stand all the bull shit of these bitch feminist, they need a good fucking and a man with a whip. But that's not the way I should think.

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    I think you should fuck the bitch and maybe you can turn her straight.
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    Fuck feminism.
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    Meh not only do you sound like a total twat, I also believe exactly 0% of this hamfisted mess
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    Get rid of the wife and move on -- life is too short for this shit
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    The feminist KUNT lawyer would represent your wife in a divorce court, and clean you out. Plan your exit very carefully. You need to find a way to have her to leave you, with no fault on your part. Then get her for abandonment. Show the court the luxury lifestyle you've given her, yet she left you because a bunch of dykes fed her head full of shit. Then you're home free with no worries of losing half of everything, plus alimony, etc. Then, go get the young babe, or any woman you choose, and start a new life. By the way, I'm not a lawyer, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express once. Good luck my friend.
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    Iâm with you most of the way, but you never put any thought into the bringing of another life into the world at all, real dads only think of their children
    15 days ago

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