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    Straight Male / 45

    I feel like a loser , last night at the tavern my wife danced with other men. She let them grope her then denied it later. I literally watched her get her tits and ass groped over and over. One guy even was touching her between the legs. I just sat there like an idiot as it happened for hours.

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    Whether it's your desire or her to visit the tavern,it was a wrong decision--of course in hindsight.
    Once her inhibitions are gone,she will crave more and not just attention.Now it's very difficult to reverse the situation.Don't keep brooding and broaching the topic with her as she will just argue and allege that you are insecure.
    Wait and watch her behavior.If she goes to any of those men or to the tavern or a similar place,divorce her in a dignified manner--irrespective of the way she attacks and humiliates you then.

    If nothing happens and she remains faithful,forget the whole thing.
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    #1 is right. That is some solid advice.
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    Was she drinking or sober when she let it happen?

    I was with my gf at a bar watching her dance and there was one or two guys grinding her ass. After awhile a slow dance number came on and I went over and scooted him along, his fun was over. She had been drinking and was pretty lit up. Once we got in the car she pretty much was pulling me on top of her by the time we got home. She didnt remember much about it the next day.

    Like #1 said, don't make a big deal out of it, it will just piss her off and it will end up like "well if he is going to assume I did it, I might as well" or some BS like that. Just let it go and keep an eye on things. There's no need to assume your marriage is over or whatever, just keep a close watch and know if you go back to the bar what will happen.
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    She was drinking , but has asked if we're going back when it's dance night again.
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    Answer to her question: I donât know honey but I saw an ad for a new place id like to try.
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    Thanks that may be worth a try.

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