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    Straight Male / 36

    Dumb Ass.

    Don't call me I will call you. That's how she left it. I went on with my life, took a promotion and moved to Singapore. I met a young girl from the Philippines and had her as a house guest. It was then that I got the call from her. She started with all this about when we were in college and how much fun we had and how she missed me. Slowly she told me she was in trouble financially, she was divorced and they had declared bankruptcy and she needed financial help. I said so why is that my business? Because of how we felt for each other in college.

    I got soft and invited her out to Singapore. She had a fight the first day with my Philippino house guest. She did not like her sleeping with me. I asked her that was her business? You got it, because of how we felt for each other back in college. Kick the maid out, she said. I didn't kick her out, she did. As soon as the 'maid' was out she got in the bed with me and said let's just do what we used to do. Time is not a defense for your lust. I fucked her as hard as I could, in my mind breaking her to what I always wanted from her. She took every bit of it and offered herself up for more.

    So to cut to the chase, she got my money and she left. She is now living in a nice little place in Connecticut and I am working my ass off in Singapore to pay child support and pay her support. She doesn't like Singapore, it's too hot. She also hired this older woman from Malaysia to be my maid. If I want some I go to Connecticut where she is, if I get some over here the screws get tighter, she uses my son's visitation as leverage. I'm not married because of her bankruptcy, but she still has all my money.

    I am a dumb ass, and she is kicking my ass, but I go to Connecticut four times a year to see my son and she gives me all the pussy I can handle. Because of how we felt when we were back in college.

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    Dumb ass is right.

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    Reminds me of a beautiful dame I met on SKYPE from some foreign country, I think Russia but can't remember. She would remove all her clothing for me. Once she was masturbating in her bedroom for me to watch. Then she said she was moving into another room. Why I do not know but she took her computer along, plugged it in and continued her masturbating. Meanwhile a kid, maybe 12 or 13 years old, walked through the bedroom but did not pay any attention to her masturbating. Appeared as a normal thing there. So, when she finished she started on me for money to have her computer repaired. My question, or comment was, the dam seems to be in good shape because you were talking on it and using it to show me her way of soliciting money but it didn't work with me. I haven't seen nor heard from her since. Now there hundreds of the same on line who claim to live withing 2 miles of me. Since when did Asia get within 2 miles of USA?
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    You are indeed a dumb-ass!! You should not invited your ex-gf to Singapore and be with the Philippine girl. Asian girls are sincere as partner/gf/wife and of course a good fuck with tighter pussy compared to white American ones! Pay a last visit to Connecticut and screw your ex plowing and ripping her c**t and say good buy for ever. She now deserve it. Meanwhile, fuck the older maid now at your home in Singapore, she won't betray you!

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