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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    My name is josh and this story happened about a week ago when my friends and I went camping. To give some background Iâve known I was bi since I was about 17 and by bi I mean Iâm sexually attracted to women but I also love dick. Iâm an ass and dick guy all the way but Iâve never actually done anything gay before and people donât know Iâm bi because why would I say something if itâs only for dick? Iâm not attracted to guys in any other way (okay and if they have a nice shaved ass) so itâs only a sex thing. The only person who does know is my buddy Joe who actually was the one that made me realize it. Essentially what happen is we were talking over Skype one night and talking about sex and ass like guys do and Joe started saying he has a girl bubble butt and I obviously called his bluf, so he turned around and pulled his shorts down. I couldnât believe it he had a really nice ass. I told him how nice it was and I canât remember how it happened but eventually he just showed me his dick and I fell in love with it it was bigger than mine and just looked perfect. Like me he was perfectly shaved and I eventually admitted I liked it and he was really cool about it. We always would watch porn together on skype, not show anything but talk about what we were watching and what we were into and he was so interested in the fact that I didnât like dudes just Dick. This obviously led to me loving tranny porn which weâd always talk about and heâd even try to get into and watch but he just did not like dick. But he would always send me dick and ass pics when Iâd ask so I could jerk off to them he thought it was funny and was just a good friend. At some point I offered to start sucking his dick but he said he didnât even think heâd get hard which obviously I understood.

    As time went by and we got older and busy we stopped really doing the jerking off on skype thing especially because like myself women were in love with his dick and he was fucking women constantly. I did okay Iâve been with about 4 women and I was really good in bed so they were all multiple times. Deep down I knew I wanted to try a dick and jerked off to the thought of his which Iâd still see time to time when weâd piss outside together and he knew I loved it.

    Okay fast forward to last week me and about 20 friends a mix of guys and smoking hot girls had a 3 day camping trip in an isolated part pretty deep in the woods next to a lake it was fun and beautiful. Now the catch and what ultimately leads to the cause of this story is of the 9 girls there 5 had boyfriends and 4 were people we had been friends with since elementary school and it was unlikely of hooking up with them. So a bunch of dudes just had to ogle at these beautiful women in tiny bikinis all day leaving us horny with no release.

    On the last night me and joe went for our classic drunk midnight walk in the woods. We actually stumbled onto this path we hadnât gone down and traveled deep into the woods which was probably stupid but we were just talking and didnât care. We eventually started talking about how hot the girls were and how horny we were agreeing the 1st thing we were doing when we got home was jerking off. At this point we were about 25 minutes away from camp when we stumbled upon another little area leading right into the lake. We both decided to go skinny dipping which joe suggested probably cause he loved showing off his ass and dick to me which of course I was all in for seeing. He stripped down and I didnât even hide it I locked my eyes on his big soft dick. We joked about it and he spun around to show me his ass which I immediately slapped he laughed then went on the lake at that point I took my shorts off and followed. We swam around a bit and it was like old times with him asking curious questions about what I would do with a dick and having me explain why his dick was so nice to bump his ego Iâd assume. I jokingly said his dick was small which led to him essentially betting me he was bigger than me and we agreed to compare.

    Now we had both seen each otherâs dicks a lot but never both hard in person. I knew he was bigger than me for sure but I wanted to see up close and Iâm not sure if it was because he was drunk or horny or both but he was in and said we should make a bet. He tried to bet money but I played it off saying he still owes me from another bet, I realized with those 2 factors of him being very drunk and horny this was my shot. So eventually I got him to agree that the one with the smaller dick has to jerk the other guy off. I was so excited I was shaking we got out of the water to do this I was got rock hard right away and admittedly I have a small dick only at 4.2 inches to be exact. I noticed joe having trouble getting hard so I just started talking about how nice his dick was which got him there. I knew because he has told me before heâs 6.7 inches and his dick towered over mine. He laughed and said to pay up.

    My dream was coming true I went right to work jerking him off on my knees face inches from that beautiful dick. He was trying to get into it and telling me he knows how bad I want this dick and I just kept agreeing with him and telling him how much bigger he is than me and that I was a beta and he was alpha he definitely loved it but the fact he was getting jerked off by a guy definitely set in and he began going soft. He said he wasnât gonna be able to cum but he appreciated me trying. My moment was slipping away and I wasnât gonna just let it go. I told him let me try one last thing and without saying anything I wrapped my lips around his dick finally. To my surprise he just looked shocked. I rolled my tongue around his tip and could feel him getting harder. I told him to lay down on his back which he did while looking confused, I went to his side and went back to work on his dick but this time I showed off my secret weapon I had worked so hard on, my big tight shaved bubble ass that I had spent 2 years working out to crest so when the time came to get fucked I would look hot from behind. I never would have dreamed it would be used for this moment, I poked it straight up in the air and wagged it. Within seconds Joeâs dick grew to full size in my mouth. I felt his had smack against my ass and I nearly came. He clearly didnât want to talk he just wanted to focus on this incredible blow job and ass shaking. I was in heaven it was roughly 10 minutes of a dream come true, I realized we had gone this far and I thought I could convince him to fuck me doggy style. I was technically a virgin anally but I had a dildo at home so I was loosened up and had lake water to use as lube. I knew he said before he canât come from blow jobs and I told him I didnât want to leave him with blue balls and got on all fours in front of him. Hesitated at 1st but finally gave in and just said not to tell anyone which I said obviously too. It honestly felt so right be face down with a man with a bigger dick that me fuck me and slap my ass around. I came 3 times in the next 15 minutes which he loved that he could make me do with out touching it. I felt his pace quicken and begged him to finish off owning me forever by cumming on my face, he made me beg and tell him he owned me which we both loved and then pulled out and I swung around mouth open Tongue out and was greeted with 3 days full of cum that covered my face. We both sat there catching our breath and me swallowing and licking his cum from my lips and letting the rest drip on my face. We looked at each other and just laughed our asses off. He told me he couldnât believe how good he was and said my ass was a game changer. He said thatâs free ass and he can obviously have it whenever which I assured him it was his. As we walked back I laughed and kind of seriously told him that he absolutely owned me I was his beta, I said âu literally had a way bigger dick had me on my knees sucking your cock and my ass in the air I while he took my ass and finished it off my cumming on my faceâ he agreed and then stopped pulled out his cock and told me to get on my knees. I happily listened.

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