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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Last weekend I lost a bet to my friend and it was for $100 dollars that I really donât have. I told him this hoping for sympathy but he said I would have to make it up in other ways, more embarrassing ways. He then stood in front of me and pulled out his cock to which I said âwhat the hell are u doingâ. He told me he would forget the bet if I sucked his dick for 1 minute and he wouldnât tell anyone. Idk why I didnât just say no but I agreed and got down on my knees and began. This is where things got weird, I obviously could have just bobbed up and down for a minute and been done with it but I decided this is going to be the only time Iâm going to suck a dick in my life I might as well have some fun with it. So I did just that, every little trick u see in porn, swirling my tongue around the Tip licking up and down the dick, spitting on it to make it sloppy, deepthroat all 7 inches surprisingly (found out I donât have a gag reflex). At that point the timer went off and I again donât know why but I simply turned it off looked at this big dick in front of me and realized this would probably be the only time Iâd be in this position and I honestly wanted to get a reward in my mouth. I looked up into my friends eyes with his saliva covered dick in my hand and said âif u ever tell anybody Iâll kill uâ and went back to work on his cock. I could not believe how much I enjoyed having a dick in my mouth and making someone feel good, it went on for another 15 minutes only because whenever he would get close Iâd pull off and slow down and just lick his balls and dick. Finally I got my reward a big mouthful of cum. I pulled off and swallowed in one gulp and looked at my friend and laughed and said âthank uâ we both laughed before I put his dick back in in my mouth to clean it up and get every drop.

    He came over last night for another blow job and I think I can get used to this.

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