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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    When I was 13 I was staying at my friend house his name is Jake it was around 2am we where 69 on his bed for awhile then I bent over his bed.

    He started kissing my neck and fingering my ass moaning in to his pillow then he started fucking me we didn't think we where make to much noise.

    About 10mins of him fucking me his mom walks in and turns on the light and tells us she could hear us and to go bed and be happy his dad was still sleeping.

    She turns the light off and closes the door so scared we went to bed but not before we jerked each other then we got up really early and picked up where we left off as everyone was still sleeping after he cummed on ass we swooped places.

    As I'm fucking him his mom peaks in and sees us again she say just don't wake your dad Jake he will kill you boys then she left for work after I nut I got dressed and went home.

    PS she still never told anyone about us and she caught us more then 10+ times

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    My best friend's mom caught us fucking too. We were the same age as you except my friend's a year older. His mom's cool with it!

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