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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    When I was 16 me and a few buds went camping for a week during the summer we all made a deal who ever draw the short stick had to crossdress the whole trip.

    As we got to the camp we draw I lost so after we put up are tent James Nick and Paul throw me a bag with 10 days worth of girls clothing and makeup and a wig.

    So I go doll my self up I come out and all them say damn if we didn't know it was you I'd try taking you home I smile and say you guys sure know how to treat a girl.

    After awhile we all start drinking I just got tipsy but they all where drunk as I bent to grab another beer Nick lifts my dress and I feel his cock on me and James and Paul had there cocks in my face I say about time we get to the real fun i start sucking them as Nick fucks me after few mins we all go in the tent me and we all just fuck each other.

    Then after we where done we passed out holding each other next morning I get up to pee I'm sill in the thong and bra I see a guy looking at me so I act like I'm sucking a dick to him and flash him my cock he smiles and we walk over to each other and we start talking few mins later I was blowing the DNR officer.

    And I let him fuck me God that man know how to fuck after he was done he covered my face with his jizz and tells me now no more flashing and put some cloth on you kids now day then he left I go back to camp all the guys see my face and ask what happend to me so I tell them they all laugh I tell them hey I just got some dick still with a big smile on my face.

    And all week long we fucked the whole camping trip.

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