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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I was a bed wetter as a child. The bed wetting continued into my teenage years. A doctor told my parents when I was 13 it was a weal valve and I would out grow it. I don't think they believed him. Every time I wet the bed I was bare bottom spanked. Mother used a wooden paddle, Dad used his belt. Made to get out of the wet bed, stand at the end of the bed in my little boy wet flannel pajamas. Pajamas pulled down, bent over the end of the bed. Spanked bare bottom many times to teach me a lesson. Sometimes the bed wetting was 2 or 3 days in a row and my sore bottom spanked hard every day. I wet the bed until I was 17. I grew up being told bed wetting was naughty and naughty was punished by bare bottom spankings.
    Now at 60 I like to be naughty. Naughty needs to be punished by bare bottom spankings. I wet the bed on purpose now. I have spare room in basement with single bed set up with flannel sheets, a plastic mattress cover and have flannel pajamas. It feels so good to lay in bed and wet myself.
    I have a neighbor lady who checks on my house when I go away. I came home from a trip 1 day early a year ago.
    I went to the basement to my little boy bed to sleep. I wet the bed . The lady came in thinking I was still away and found me. She seemed to right away. Told me what naughty little boy I was. She asked what happens to naughty boys who wet their bed. I told her they get bare bottom spanked until they cannot t sit down for a month. She found a big wide leather belt and gave me the strapping I so deserved. She has bought a big wooden paddle and I crave being spanked bare bottom with it. Lately she has brought a friend with her and the 2 women tease me, humiliate me and spank me. I told her if she had a male friend who spanked then it would remind me of my big strong Father spanking me. Oh my, I love to wet the bed and get the spanking I so deserve.

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