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    Straight Female / 32

    My parents are socialites, we are four sisters and we grew up in Never Land, never wanting for anything. One by one, as we got to college age went off to college, my two older sisters went to the old Alma Matters but my younger sister and I rebelled. She wanted to be a nun and I went to Berkley. Me going to Berkley was a cake walk, my sister deciding to be a nun wasn't. My father who was a go along to get along type eventually just told my sister no, no permission, over his dead body and told me to take her with me to Berkley.

    Life at Berkley was nothing but drugs, alcohol and sex. My sister who was denied being a nun decided to make it up by fucking anything that walked on two legs. The more she tried the better she liked those on two legs who had nothing but a slit between their legs and went headlong into the lesbian lifestyle. I tried girls, I really did give it my college try, but a dick won out and I mainly fucked guys.

    My sister got into this relationship with an activist about anything and everything and she was controlling girl without any direction. I had to rescue my sister and I put her in touch with this girl I knew from class. She was quiet and nice and came from a social status similar to ours. I have to say that my sister and I never bought into a lot of the radical stuff and my sister's new girlfriend didn't either. They were lesbian as you can get, they got along fine and they hated Obama (and later hated Hillary even more). They were the oddballs, being lesbians.

    I went in and out of politics, mostly leaning left on social issues but my father's reins were always on us and if we went too far he brought us back into line with a strong tug. In my left leaning days he decided that I was going to be better off with a man that he chose for me and not one of those California hippies. I was married in my junior year to Frank, Mr. Upright and Straight and Republican and Rich. Get on with it, get those grandchildren coming.

    It all came to a dead stop one day. My husband told me to suck his dick. Just 'suck my dick'. 'Get over here and suck my dick'. 'Didn't you hear what I said, get over here and suck my dick'. I went over and sucked his dick because he had this look on his face, but my love affair with him was over. I never sucked his dick again and I hardly gave him sex and I decided that one was enough and I wasn't getting pregnant again with him.

    Ten years later, my sister and her girlfriend are getting married by the pool at my parent's house, this is in April of this year. She is all dressed up in a wedding gown and her girlfriend is all dressed up in a wedding gown, she is wearing a nice solitaire engagement ring and her girlfriend is wearing a nice solitaire engagement ring, they are both made up by a professional make up artist that the photographer picked for the pictures, they both have their hair made up, they are both just plain beautiful. I ask my sister, so who is the wife? I mean when it comes down to it, who is the wife and who is the husband here. I get the dead look and decide to leave it well enough alone.

    I have a few drinks along with everyone else, I am basking in my misery, my sister is getting married and I am divorced with a child and no prospects for anything. I had not been laid in four years since I got divorced, believe me I thought about it all the time, sucking his dick was better than being left out but that train had left the station and I was all alone in my misery that night. I leave the party and go up to my parent's room, they have a balcony that overlooks the forest in the back of the house, I pull out a marijuana cigarette and lit it standing there looking at the shadows. His hand covered my mouth and his other hand grabbed my breast. I was dragged back into the room and he put me on the bed face down and held me with his hand on my neck and my face in the pillow. Whatever noise I made wasn't heard by anyone, he struggled trying to get my panties down until I just said fuck it and pushed them down myself and opened my legs and raised my ass up and he fucked me.

    I must have been dripping wet because his dick went in me like a hot knife through butter, I struggled to control my orgasm, but it went off and I shook under him while he fucked his sperm into me. When it was over and I was laying there flat on my stomach and he released my neck a little so I could turn my head I called him an asshole and he pushed my head back into the pillow and left. I lay there for a long long time, just enjoying having my naked butt open for business, feeling the residuals of his fucking, dreaming of the way it was back when we were at Berkley and we got fucked on the turn of a dime. I thought about my sister, that night she was going to get her pussy licked, but she wasn't going to get fucked. I thought about my mother, how many times had she been fucked on that bed. I thought about my older sisters, did they like getting fucked and then I thought about my daughter downstairs with her cousins, who was going to fuck her? So I laid on the bed with my dress up over my naked ass with my legs spread open. I should have just sucked my husband's dick when he told me to.

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